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8 Reasons Why TV is a Nuisance ...

By Mercy

TV has become the most important source of entertainment for people of all ages. Every day new channels, shows and genres are created for niche audiences because of the simple reason is that we as a nation watch too much TV. Here are 8 reasons why TV is a nuisance.

1 Incessant Advertisements

Anyone who has watched TV lately knows that for 35% of the time, you are bombarded by advertisements. It is also common to find all channels scheduling their advertisements at the same time so channel surfing during ad breaks doesn’t ease the problem.

2 Waste of Time

TV actually causes you to waste time more than any other activity. Sitting down and watching some mindless TV shows is a colossal waste of time, time that could be better spent reading a book, doing some volunteer work or spending time with your kids.


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3 Waste of Money

Thanks to TV and the bombardment of advertisements, we end up spending more money than we would have ordinarily. We find ourselves getting unduly influenced by the selling pitches thrown our way and dishing out the dough. Our children too are exposed to too many ads for toys and games resulting in a pinch on our wallet.

4 Reduces Physical Activity

Sitting in one place watching TV for hours on end reduces our physical activity and makes us lethargic. Our metabolism is reduced and invariably we find ourselves suffering from back and joint pains thanks to too many hours in front of the TV.

5 Reduces Brain Activity

TV, unlike other past times, requires little or no brain activity. Reading a book, working on a puzzle, playing a game or even talking to another individual stimulates our mind whereas TV does the opposite. It actually reduces our mental activity.

6 Makes You Gain Weight

Most people cannot watch TV without snacking on something. Consequently the longer they watch TV the more they eat. The end result is the obvious weight gain. Without sufficient exercise, this problem will continue to grow. Many consider TV the chief cause of obesity in America.

7 Becomes Addictive

Another major irritant associated with TV is that shows are designed to get you addicted. Whether its reality, drama or comedy, after watching a couple of episodes you will find yourself rescheduling your life so that you catch the next ones.

8 Source of Arguments

One of the major sources of family arguments is what to watch on TV. Each individual has their own tastes and preferences and usually there are only one or two TVs for everyone to share. Even in a household of just two people, sharing the remote can become a major challenge.

A life without TV would definitely be a more restful, calm and healthy one. People would get out more, exercise more, interact with each other more and live more holistic lives. Unfortunately it looks like the idiot box is here to stay so we as a people have to make a conscious decision to reduce our exposure.

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