8 Reasons to Quit Your Job ...


8 Reasons to Quit Your Job ...
8 Reasons to Quit Your Job ...

I will admit that sometimes, a job is not good to have, especially when you have the reasons below. I know that it is a time where jobs are hard to come by, so you should be happy with what you have. However, I am still going to give you 8 reasons to quit your job.

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You Could Be Making More Money

I believe this is a big reason to quit your job. If you believe you could be making more money somewhere else, then go for it. Make sure you have your priorities straight first, though.


You do Not Enjoy It

You do Not Enjoy It Photo Credit: I'm $partacus

I know, sometimes, people do not enjoy their job. However, if it is causing you more stress than what it is worth, then you may be thinking about quitting.


You Deserve Better

You Deserve Better Photo Credit: gennie catastrophe

Of course, a reason to quit may be because you think you deserve better and you’re probably right. However, if this is the reason, you should make sure you have a job lined up before you quit.


You Have a Better Job Offer

If you have a better job offer, then that would definitely be a great move. The job offer should be long term, though.


There Are No Benefits

There Are No Benefits Photo Credit: sfPhotocraft

If you have a job that has no benefits, such as sick leave, paid vacation, time and insurance and you know you can get a job that does, then this would definitely be a good reason to leave your old job behind.


The Hours Are Not to Your Liking

I know that sometimes you can’t be picky, but if the hours are wearing you down and you can’t take it anymore, then sometimes it would be best to just quit.


You Need to Take Care of Your Kids

You Need to Take Care of Your Kids Photo Credit: Cuba Gallery

I like working from home, because I get to spend time with my kids. I do not have to leave them at a babysitter and worry about them. This is a great reason to quit your job and work from home.


You’re Being Treated Poorly

In your workplace, you are being treated poorly and you have told your boss. However, your boss is not doing anything about it. I have been there before. People always seems to pick on those who are working harder – this is something I have noticed. If you have a job lined up, then it shouldn’t hurt you.

There are 8 reasons to quit your job. I believe in putting up a fight and never giving up – maybe that is the attitude you should have with your work. Always make sure you have another job lined up before you quit and don’t be irresponsible. Do you think you should quit your job? Why?

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I have quit my job because of the very poor physical conditions we were put through: tiny little office for 8 people with no air conditioning or windows with natural light. Plus, my boss wanted more and more and I'm just not a machine that can be faster every day.

Thank God you moved ahead.Congrats!

Thanks. Only who suffered it will understand.

You must change your job when it comes between you and your personal life.

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