7 Reasons Why People Get Fired from Their Job ...


7 Reasons Why People Get Fired from Their Job ...
7 Reasons Why People Get Fired from Their Job ...

There are thousands of excuses and reasons for someone to get fired from a job. You can fall into a debt problem or even get into trouble with the law. There are tons of reasons why people get fired. Let me go over 7 Reasons Why People Get Fired from their Job!

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Being Late

Being Late Photo Credit: Leo Reynolds

Being tardy of course is a number one way to get fired, but did you know that you are cheating the pay system? If you're late for a few minutes that's fine, but coming in a hour later or so and expecting pay is hurtful to a company.


Bad Attitude

Bad Attitude Photo Credit: MadRussianPhotography

People that yell at their boss never stay for long. When a boss loses there control over an employee, they seem to fire them. You can get into trouble for being out of place or misconduct.


Don't Call in

Don't Call in Photo Credit: pinksugarichigo

Don't forget to call in, because when you don't you can get fired for being unreliable. Why not call in? Some people have problems doing this, but it's a problem with dealing with problems. This is a major no that could cause a fast out the door and don't let the door hit you on the way out.


Steal from Work

Steal from Work Photo Credit: Urban Art Association

Don't steal anything in a work place, they don't like wasting money and could send you to jail. Like they say don't past go or collect 200 dollars. Some companies give you time to recover and give it back. However, some companies put it on your account and it causes you to not get certain jobs.


Fighting Other Work Employees

Fighting Other Work Employees Photo Credit: Adam Lyon

Never fight within a work place. It's not worth the hassle or troubles fighting and getting fired. Why fight and make a scene? Do you know how many people do this on construction jobs? To many and they all end up being fired or on probation.


Being a Bully

Being a Bully Photo Credit: `antty

A new law has stopped work bulling and made it well known to employees they can't bully other members. Now the boss has to stop the problem by firing or telling the employee that is being a bully to stop or you're fired.


Slacking, Not Doing Your Job, and Fooling around

Slacking, Not Doing Your Job, and Fooling around Photo Credit: onkel_wart

All these can get you on the bitter track of being fired or bad reviewed on your next evaluation. No one likes to pay for workers that don't do their job. When you slack or fool around, you can be a burden rather than a helpful aspect to the job. You could get hurt fooling around and that cost the company more money.

When you get fired from work there is always a reason and there is a way to avoid it. However, there is always a chance that a worker caused it or made it happen. You need to always watch yourself and make sure you don't give them reason to fire you. Have you been fired?

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Great blog I really like it. But you know, sometimes you really like a job, but do one little thing wrong and poof... they fire you. then with the shoe ont the other foot, you can have a job you just absolutly despise and you do everything in your power to get fired... and nadda. But hey thats the way the music goes.

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