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7 Reasons to Not Be Married ...

By Aprille

Are you debating on whether or not you should be married? There are blogs stating reasons to be married, but are there any stating reasons not to be married? Are you ready for 7 reasons to not be married?

7 You’re Tied down

You’re Tied down Photo Credit: bored-now

When you’re married, you are tied down. For some, being tied down isn’t so bad and they don’t look at it as if they are on a rope and chain and if you do, maybe you should look into your marriage. However, perhaps you are not ready to be tied down to one person.

6 No Parties

I know, you can go to parties when you are married still, but not like you used to. Now that you are married, parties alone are not really allowed – sure, work parties – but not friend parties and if you do happen to go, there should be no drinking.

5 You Have to Answer to Someone

When you are married, you will have to answer to someone. Personally, I do not mind this, but I know many of you probably are not ready to answer for someone. You just got out of having to answer to your parents.

4 Your Hobbies

Face it, when you are married, you will be working half the time and the other half of the time, you will be spending time with your husband or wife. Where does this leave any time for hobbies?

3 Physical Fitness

Have you ever noticed that once those words “I Do” pop out of your mouth, about fifty pounds gets added onto the body? It’s true!

2 Achievement

Many top of the line scientists are not married. Most of them are single. This way, they have more time to do research and not have to worry about going home to their spouse.

1 School

One reason not to get married is because of school. If you plan on going to college, then getting married may slow your college degree down.

That is 7 reasons not to be married. Whether you get married or you do not get married, it is completely up to you. I am not going to tell you what to do because personally, I do not see any reasons not to be married. I think of marriage as my own personal achievement, I find hobbies to do with my husband and I do not mind answering to someone.

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