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7 Wrong Reasons to Get Married ...

By Melanie

Before you step out into that aisle wearing that white wedding dress and say “I do,” it is important that you realize why you are getting married. Of course, there are also wrong reasons to get married. I have come up with 7 wrong reasons to get married that I believe you should take a look at. In the end, I am going to tell you the only right reason you should get married …

7 Afraid to Be Alone

Afraid to Be Alone Photo Credit: alshepmcr

Do you know how many people actually get married simply because they are afraid that they will have to spend their life alone? I would say that this is the wrong reason to get married. Give it some time and the right person will come along.

6 To Get out of Your Parents Basement

To Get out of Your Parents Basement Photo Credit: !!WaynePhotoGuy

There are so many joked revolving around those that are still living in their parents basement. I know that you really want to get out of that basement and experience life, but marrying someone just to get out would be a wrong reason to get married.,

5 You Are Pregnant

You Are Pregnant Photo Credit: slayerphoto

Again, I believe this would be a wrong reason to get married. Of course, the baby will need a father and just because you are not married does not mean that the baby is not going to have a father. If he runs off, then he wouldn’t of made a good husband in the first place.

4 To Make Someone Jealous

To Make Someone Jealous Photo Credit: Ketyane

Why would you get married to make someone jealous? I don’t know, but some people actually do this. There are far more ways to make someone jealous (why would you want to anyways?) than typing the knot.

3 You Don’t Want Them to Be with Anyone else

You Don’t Want Them to Be with Anyone else Photo Credit: theaspiringphotographer

Ah, this card. You have been dating someone, you don’t exactly like them, but at the same time you do not want anyone else to have them. Therefore, you decide to marry them for this reason. Really? If they don’t mean much to you, then you shouldn’t marry them.

2 You Want That Special Feeling

You Want That Special Feeling Photo Credit: Jonas-Magazine (

I admit, being married brings on that special feeling. However, in order to feel that special feeling that so many tell you about, you will actually have to get married for the right reason. Getting married solely to feel that special feeling is the wrong reason to get married.

1 For Money

For Money Photo Credit: Gnerk

Oh yes, people get married because the other has money all the time. This is definitely a wrong reason to get married in my book!

So, what is the right reason to get married? The right reason would be because you are in love and you feel that getting married is the right thing to do. Have you ever gotten married for the wrong reasons? How did that work out for you?

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