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7 Reasons Why Abortion Should Be Illegal ...

By Aprille

Editor's note: It's come to my attention that many of you are hurt and angry about the following article. Let me be clear: I agree with you. The opinions presented in it are beyond abhorrent. I understand your sense of betrayal, too, to read such an article on what's otherwise such a supportive place for women. This article was submitted by a freelancer in 2010, and had I been editor at that time, it would never have been published. To be honest, my gut reaction was to delete it as soon as you all brought it to my attention. But then I realized something. That if this terrible article sparked a debate, made us angry, and got us talking, especially in this time when, increasingly, our reproductive rights are threatened, maybe it has value. Maybe it could act as an ugly catalyst, one that's started a conversation most of us are too polite to start. I loathe this article. It's inflammatory, judgmental and hurtful at best, ignorant and divisive at worst. But we're talking about it, and even though it keeps me up at night, sick and angry, I think it can stay. For now. - J

There has been and probably always will be many discussions about abortion. People will always have different opinions of what is right and what is wrong. Abortion is an issue that raises a lot of flags for many people. Here are 7 reasons why abortion should be illegal. Feel free to share your opinions in the comment section, but remember that everyone is entitled to an opinion and it doesn’t make their answer right or wrong. It is merely a personal opinion.

7 It is Ending a Life

It is Ending a LifePhoto Credit: Vincent J. Brown

Some consider abortion to be murder since the being inside the mother is living. The definition of something living includes the ability to grow, which is exactly what is going on inside a woman who is pregnant. An abortion ceases the growing process, therefore ending the future life of a human being. This little being may not start off with a heartbeat or brain activity, but cells are still dividing and allowing it to grow.

6 The Child Doesn’t Have a Choice

The Child Doesn’t Have a ChoicePhoto Credit: abchbum.

Children can’t and don’t ask to be born, this is purely an option only adults have. Whether the woman chose to get pregnant or not, pro-life individuals feel that abortion is taking the right to live from a human being. This is a right that an embryo cannot defend. Some people say that humans only get to exercise the right of choice once they are old enough to reason, but others feel that a competent adult can also speak for those who are unable to do so on their own.

5 Adoption is Another Option

Adoption is Another OptionPhoto Credit: Croson Farms

Adoption is always brought up when people talk about aborting an unwanted child. The idea of aborting a child who would make a welcome addition to another family’s household is expressed by many pro-life individuals. There are tons of people who get rejected when they apply to adopt a child, which makes the idea of adoption seem far-fetched to these individuals. However, most people feel putting a child up for adoption is much better than going through an abortion.

4 Many Women Are Endangered by Abortions

Many Women Are Endangered by AbortionsPhoto Credit: FOMI Dolls

Not all abortions are handled in a manner that is both sanitary and done by a professional. Abortions can be very expensive, which causes some women to seek services wherever possible. There have been quite a few cases of women dying, becoming sterile from a botched abortion, or ending up in the hospital with further complications. I don’t know if making abortions illegal would help this though. I do think that it would lessen the numbers of women who endanger their lives by looking for abortion services that aren’t up to par.

3 Doctors Are Supposed to save Lives

Doctors Are Supposed to save LivesPhoto Credit: Eric M Martin

The modern version of the Hippocratic Oath doctors take doesn’t specify that doctor are only to save people and make them better, but it is expected of them. The classic version of this oath actually has the phrase, ‘…I will not give to a woman an abortive remedy.’ and the original Hippocratic Oath states, ‘…I will not give a woman a pessary to cause an abortion.’ Any mention of not performing an abortion has been taken out of the Hippocratic Oath, but not from the minds of people who expect doctorsto save lives.

2 Times Have Changed

Times Have ChangedPhoto Credit: topfloor

Everything else has evolved over the year, so why not the idea of abortion? Sure, abortion, child abandonment, and even infanticide were all once permitted under Roman law, but that doesn’t make them humane. Leaving your child on someone’s doorstep or committing murder are both considered a major penalty, so why not abortion?

1 There Would Be Less Mental Anguish Caused

There Would Be Less Mental Anguish CausedPhoto Credit: ArtMind etcetera

Women who go through an abortion have to always carry that thought with them. They often wonder what their child would have looked like, acted like, and what type of person he/she would have been. No matter how strong a woman is, an abortion causes mental anguish that never truly goes away. At least with adoptiona mother or father has the chance to see what their child has become.

Whether you are for or against abortion, these 7 reasons why abortion should be illegal tend to cause the thought process to churn. 30 of the 50 states in the US had laws making abortion illegal, until the decision of Roe v. Wade nullified these restrictions. After 1973, abortions were made legal all through the US, yet many would be more than happy to see them made illegal once more. Do you feel abortion is a woman’s right or something that a third party should decide?

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