Top 8 Reasons to Tell the Truth ...


Top 8 Reasons to Tell the Truth ...
Top 8 Reasons to Tell the Truth ...

Honesty is sexy, either way you stack it. I would pick a person who tells the truth over a person who is known for lying. I know that everyone lies from time to time, but this does not make it right. There are little white lies, then there are those big lies that make you fear every move you make after you have told them. Why should on tell the truth? Why not lie? What difference does it make whether someone lies or tells the truth? Well, believe it or not, it makes a world of difference and that is what I am going to tell you. Let me give you the top 8 reasons to tell the truth in my opinion …

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The Truth is Easier to Remember

When you tell a lie, it is going to change from person to person. However, the truth is going to remain the same – the truth is easier to remember.


Legal Problems

Needless to say, the legal problems are a big reason to tell the truth. I mean, don’t get me wrong, you shouldn’t only tell the truth because you are afraid of the legal issues, but this is a small chunk of it.



If you are walking on a thin line after telling a lie, then you are not going to have confidence in yourself. One of the ways to have true confidence in yourself would be to tell the truth.


Reputation of Trust

When you are constantly honest to someone, it is going to pay off. You will begin to develop a reputation of trust. Isn’t this what you like?


Lies Only Hurt People

Do you care about the people around you? If you did, then you would not lie to them. I tell you this because when you lie to them, you are only hurting them. The only thing a lie is good for is hurting people. Do you agree or disagree with me on this one? Now, if you were to tell the truth, you would make a lot of people happy with you.


You’ll Be the Better Person

When you tell the truth, you will be the better person. If you were to lie, then you would be sinking down to the level of a liar.


You Won’t Feel so Guilty

When you tell the truth, you are not going to feel guilty. However, if you were to tell a lie, you are going to feel guilty. You are going to find it hard to go to sleep each night because of that feeling you have.


They Will Eventually Find out

Yes, we all know that the truth will eventually come out and the lie will be out in the open, which will make you look silly. Therefore, the truth is better.

Those are the top 8 reasons to tell the truth based on what I believe. As I said, I am not saint, but I do believe in telling the truth over telling lies. So, what about you? Do you have a problem with telling lies? Perhaps it is because you can’t bring yourself to tell the truth because you are afraid of what everyone will say? Perhaps it is because you do not like confrontations? So, what are some other reasons to tell the truth?

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IF you really have to lie, make sure it's very near to the truth as much as possible, that way, you won't forget about it.

I find that telling the truth keeps you from awkward confrontations as well. Just better to say how you're really feeling to avoid any drama regardless of what the subject matter is. Good blog : )

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