7 Reasons Why You Should Marry Only for Love ...


7 Reasons Why You Should Marry Only for Love ...
7 Reasons Why You Should Marry Only for Love ...

Marriage is a big decision and there are numerous reasons why people get married. Some marry for financial security, or to manage an unplanned pregnancy. Some marry because they think it’s time while others because they think they should. Whatever the reason that ultimately spurned the decision, it is always recommended that love between the couple is a strong force in the background. Here are 7 reasons why you should marry for love.

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So That Your Marriage Has Meaning

Marriage is nothing if not two people vowing to share their lives together. If you do not love each other you will be unable to share your life with your spouse in the way you should. Your marriage will consequently have no meaning so before you even begin your life you would have already broken your vows.


So That Your Marriage Lasts

It is true – love does conquer all. Even if you think the reasons you got married were totally logical and long lasting, if you do not love your husband, there is no way the marriage will last. It is unnatural to expect to spend a lifetime with a person you do not love.


Marriage can be a tapestry woven with countless threads — shared goals, mutual respect, and common interests. But at its core, the vibrant thread that must remain unbroken is love. Without it, the entire fabric risks unraveling over time. Love nurtures and forgives, it supports and empowers. It is the invisible bond that can pull two people through life's inevitable storms. Without that emotional anchor, couples may find themselves adrift, unable to find their way back to each other when challenges arise. True love, in its purest form, creates a foundation that no adversity can crack.


So That You Are Able to Forgive All His Faults

Every person has faults and idiosyncrasies; some of course are more tolerable than others. Marriage is all about compromise and from the word go, you will be required to put up with a number of his faults. Unless you truly love him, there is no way you will be able to look past these issues.


So That You Know You Have a Life Companion

After a few years into your marriage, you will find that you no longer just have husband, you have a life companion. Someone to have joint goals with, joint concerns with and joint joys with. When you love your husband, this sense of togetherness becomes stronger and more durable.


So That You Know You Can Face All Adversities Together

When you are with someone you love and who loves you, you are never alone. Whatever adversities life throws your way whether it’s money troubles, personal tragedy or any other set back, you always have someone who’s got your back.


So That Your Kids Have a Stable and Loving Home

Bringing children into a marriage where there is no love between the couple is a recipe for disaster. Even if you think you’re doing the right thing by marrying the father of your unborn child, you need to realize that you are in fact making a big mistake. You will both be better parents if you go it alone.


Children thrive in environments where they feel secure and are surrounded by genuine affection. Without a foundation of love, the home atmosphere can become tense, impacting your child’s emotional and psychological development. Remember, kids are perceptive; they pick up on unhappiness and conflict, even if it's unspoken. Opting to co-parent and build a supportive network, rather than forcing a loveless marriage, can often lead to happier outcomes for both you and your little ones. Happiness in the home is a greater gift to your children than the mere presence of two parents living under one roof without love.


So That You Will Be Happy

Ultimately you want to lead a happy and peaceful life. You may think that financial security may give you that happiness but in fact it is the reassurance of knowing that you have someone who’s yours forever.

Marrying for love is the only way to ensure you have a happy and contented marriage. There may be other reasons that led to the ultimate decision to marry but always ensure that a strong and genuine love connection backs it up.

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Aww, I totally agree with all of those 7 reasons. In my family tradition, I'm in the age that is proper to get married. Some of my family members tried to match me with some guys whom they thought are worthy to be wedded with. But I keep on telling them that I will just be married with the man I truly love. Love is the major reason for someone to consider when they decide to have a marriage.

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