7 Reasons Why the World Won't End in 2012 ...


7 Reasons Why the World Won't End in 2012 ...
7 Reasons Why the World Won't End in 2012 ...

Will everything we know turn into a giant block of ice soon? Maybe pole shifts are what’s going to help the world as we know it cease to exist? I’d say none of the above… at least not soon enough for us to be able to witness it which, you must agree, definitely means December 2012 is out of the picture. Too optimistic or plain real? Read my 7 reasons and tell me what you think.

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This Isn’t the First Time

Okay, let’s make a short retrospective now – How many of these gloomy predictions can you remember? I remember at least 2 and I’m only 24 years old, so it would be fair to say that a person my mom’s age could make a pretty impressive list of these “dooms days gone wrong”. Boredom, lack of front page news, need to cash in on the increased sales of flour, sugar, canned food and bottled water… There’s like a million reasons why anyone could start this rumor! Our “last day on Earth” has been predicted many times before and… guess what? It didn’t turn out to be any more special than any other of those “non dooms days”.


Oh Mayan – Shmayan!

Mayans had a really impressive culture, that’s for sure, but are we really going to base our existence on this Earth on something they didn’t have a chance to finish? Like their calendar, for example? But, let’s leave that aside and deal with something even better – facts! So, if you have been doing your own research about this whole doomsday according to Mayans story, you probably know they did count their time a little bit differently. Their calendar indeed ends on December 21st 2012 but that is merely the end of what Mayans believed is a big cycle of some kind, not the end of the entire world. Mayans were not a very into making prophecies so let’s view this calendar for what it really is – their way to keep track of time, an insight in their culture and something they would have continued working on if they had a little bit more time on this world.


Sun’s Scorching Effect

Solar flares are very real, however, the scenario that involves them making our dear planet crispier than a potato chip isn’t… at least not for the time being. So, next time somebody mentions that gruesome scenario in which a massive solar flare burns down Earth and everything on it, do feel free to use the following information. You see, scientists and astrologists a.k.a people who dedicated their lives to understanding what’s happening in the universe say we do have some solar flares to look forward in the near future, although, none of them will be stronger than the one we have experienced back in November 2003. We didn’t turn into dust back then and we certainly won’t now.


Pole Shifts

I don’t know about you but watching the movie 2012 sure did make me a bit worried. Then I’ve turned on the light and realized that the Earth is still there, hard, well balanced and looking nothing like a house of cards (or a giant turntable, for that matter). I’d hold on to my passport if I were you because the chances of going to sleep in the US and waking up only to realize you’re in China are very slim. Earth’s crust does move slightly but this is a very, very, veeery slow process.


Betelgeuse Explosion

In case our own sun doesn’t make us extra crispy, this dying star in the constellation of Orion will. I honestly can’t blame the magazines for deciding to go with this story. I mean, even celebs get tired of making scandals at some point and “happily ever after” stories will hardly make the new issue sell out. So, when you combine the desperate need for front page news and misinterpreted astrological findings, you get a ridiculous doomsday scenario like this one. You see, ladies and gents, Betelgeuse is indeed coming to its end but there’s no evidence to confirm that it will blow up in 2012. But, let’s presume it will happen in 2012… So what? Do you know how far away this star is from our planet? No scorching flames, gamma rays or whatnot can travel that distance so who would you rather believe? Money-hungry newspapers or scientists?


Grand Alignment and Gravity Problems

Umm… Is this what’s going to cause the poles to shift in the first place or it’s more like a backup theory in case the original pole shift fails and 30% of the world’s population realizes all those loans they took do need to be paid off after all? Anyway, if I understand good, the grand alignment of planets is supposed to have a catastrophic effect on Earth, mess with the gravity forces of the Moon and produce earthquakes or whatnot. Well, ladies, as deadly as this sounds, I’d have to disappoint you and say that planetary alignments have happened before – one in 1962 and one in 1982. Nothing geologically strange had happened back then and it certainly won’t now. Although I’m not 100% sure- you’d have to send me your birth date, deposit $100 on my PayPal account and I’ll be more than happy to keep 70% of that money and use the other 30% to order a full horoscope for you so you can see with your own eyes that NOTHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN. LOL!


Planet Nubiru is Going to Slam into Earth

Well somebody has a vivid imagination! In fact, I think this scenario has been abused by the film industry so much, I’d be too bored to see it happening for real. No planet is speeding towards Earth, peeps, and all those “satellite shots” are nothing but fakes. I vaguely remember a very similar headline… I was about 10 years old and this friend came inside the classroom looking utterly worried, clutching today’s newspaper with a picture of a huge asteroid colliding with Earth printed on the front page. We should have all been gone by the third period and yet, nothing happened. Good news – these stories come and go. Bad news – all that fuss about doomsday didn’t help us avoid math!

So, tell me ladies, what do you think will happen in 2012? I refuse to worry about dooms days, blowtorches from outer space or any of those shenanigans, because, if we are really meant to go, we’ll all go together so it won’t really matter. However, I do believe science beats the hell out of fabricated headlines and if the science says we have more than a couple of good years left on this planet, well, so be it!

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wow i like your blog, and i agreed the world wont end on 2012

I like

interseting post.

If.If it is the end of the world I'd wanna spend my last few minutes praying and laughing with my friends:)

It is actually not planetary alignment that is happening in 2012, but rather the sun aligning with the galactic plane. But really what happens in 2012 is the Earth ends its current cycle of precession (which is what the Mayan calendar is based on), this happens roughly every 26,000 years. The last one occurred some time around the last ice age. This is a real astronomical event, which no one knows the outcome of. Likely nothing at all.

Sun flares won't burn down Earth, but abnormally strong sun flares have released particles that can affect/have affected our planet, most commonly causing earthquakes and eruptions. Solar activity has been high lately, which has made its "contribution" to the earthquakes that are frequenting us.

All this baloney about 2012. It makes me wonder how gullible people really are

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