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I know, I know, you already know WHY you should not drink and drive, but the more I read these news stories and the more I watch people drinking while behind the wheel, the more I feel that I have to write a blog on 7 reasons not to drink and drive. You may want to call this my rant – call me mean – call me what you want, but I despise you if you drink and drive.

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You Will Get Put in Jail

Oh yeah, get caught and you will be get put in jail. Not only this, but there is a hefty fine you may have to pay and I think you deserve to have to pay every penny of it! Trust me, I don’t take you people who drink and drive lightly.


Your Insurance Goes up

Of course, if you get caught drinking and driving (trust me, eventually, you will be caught), that insurance premium is going to go up. It serves you right!


Lose Your License

For those of you who drink and drive, you could end up losing your license. Really, do you think it is worth it. I don’t understand why anyone would want to do this anyways.


Have a Criminal Record

If you drink and drive, you could end up having a criminal record. This criminal record could stop you from many things in life, such as getting that dream job, getting that dream home on credit and much more.


End up in Prison

Needless to say, you could end up going to prison. Trust me, many people go to prison and it is not a place you want to go. Yes, I know, in number 7, I said you can go to jail but the county jail is a whole different ball game.


You Could Kill Yourself

Needless to say, if you drink and drive, you could end up killing yourself. Sure, it may not be intentional, but you could easily wrap yourself around a tree or telephone pole. Is drinking and driving really worth your life?


You Could Kill Someone else

Oh and you may not care about yourself, but do you care about someone else? What about that 3 year old that was just killed by a drunk driver not too long ago? How about the high school senior who had no chance of survival because of a drunk driver? How about the pregnant woman about to give birth to her first child? Do you care at all about them? When you drink and drive, you put people like me in danger, you put my family in danger, you put my daughter in danger and I don’t take that lightly – think about other people will you?

Those are 7 reasons not to drink and drive. If you do it, then you deserve everything you get and the person you will end up killing does not deserve it. Yeah, yeah, it’s just down the road – don’t do it. So, do you agree with me?

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