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7 Reasons Why Some People Prefer Not to Wear Wedding Rings ...

By Jelena

Being married but choosing not to wear your wedding ring doesn’t have to be something bad and it definitely doesn’t have to imply that a certain someone wants to ”play single.” In fact, there are some pretty good reasons why some people prefer not to wear wedding rings and none of them has anything to do with infidelity, lies, lack of love or something like that. So, let me just name a few:

1 Allergies

Allergies could be and probably are one of the most common reasons why some people prefer not to wear wedding rings on daily basis. I’m allergic to some metals and fabrics, too, so I can definitely understand that kind of discomfort. Although I can suffer for an evening or two, I can’t imagine wearing something that makes me sore or itchy all my life.

2 Weight

My dad wore his wedding ring only during the first few years while my mom refused to take it off and the only way to remove it now would be to have it cut. They’ve both gained weight and the wedding rings bought thirty and something years ago simply don’t fit anymore. That, of course, doesn’t mean they don’t love each other!

3 They Are Not into Jewelry

Okay, well here’s the thing – what would happen if the entire population decides married men and women must wear huge headpieces in order to show how much they love their partner and how happy they are for being married to them? This may not be the best comparison but the principle is the same. Wedding ring or a massive headpiece, why should you be forced into wearing something you don’t like?

4 Not Very Practical

Elaborate designs are not very practical for every day wear and that means that you must take it off million times a day to avoid having all kinds of nasty stuff trapped inside. This might not be a big problem for the newlyweds, but as the years pass, most people either simply forget to put the ring on again. They also get tired of constantly not knowing where their wedding ring is and decide to leave it aside for good.

5 Because Rings Are “so Last Year”

One reason why some people prefer not to wear wedding rings is because they want something more permanent. Why wear rings when you can get a tattoo? Celebrities have done it before, normal every day people like you and me have done it before and there is absolutely no rule that says you can’t do it, too. The basic idea is pretty much the same – wedding rings are supposed to symbolize a perfect circle, a continuous line that means forever. Tattoo also means forever! Yes, I know they can be removed but let’s not forget that rings can get lost too!

6 Job

Surgeons or people whose job involves operating dangerous machines might find their wedding ring very unpractical and even dangerous to wear at work. That’s pretty logical, now – isn’t it? The same goes for construction workers and masseuses, for example. I’m not even sure if my fiancé will wear his wedding ring once we get married! The machine used to polish jewelry can be a tricky thing indeed, so if leaving the ring at home means he’ll come back uninjured, so be it!

7 Personal Beliefs

Personal beliefs can also be important reasons why some people prefer not to wear wedding rings. Some think they don’t need to prove anything to anybody, some hate being “branded” and some don’t like this tradition simply because it’s too popular. But, our opinion doesn’t really matter – if the newlyweds agree with each other, if they love and support each other and if they can communicate effectively, this small piece of metal (or the lack of it) matters the least.

So, next time somebody starts spreading regal rumors that involve Prince William and the lack of the wedding ring on his finger, just smile and ask if they are gossiping because they are bored or because they really can’t find any logical reasons why some people prefer not to wear wedding rings. Is not wearing a ring such a huge crime? Tell me what you think!

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