8 Advantages of Learning to Drive ...


8 Advantages of Learning to Drive ...
8 Advantages of Learning to Drive ...

Cars may not be the most environmentally friendly means of transport, but getting your licence has many advantages. For some people, having their own transport is essental. Here are some reasons why it’s worth learning to drive, even if you don’t want or need to own a car.

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Lifelong Skill

Driving is like learning to ride a bike – it’s a skill you never forget. Obviously a car is a little more complicated to handle, but once you have that licence it’s yours (subject to renewal). If you don’t buy a car straight away, or you take a break from driving, then a lesson or two will refresh your mind when you want to drive again.


Once mastered, driving offers freedom and independence like few other skills can. It gives you the power to navigate your journey on your terms—be it a quick trip to the store or a road trip adventure. It's empowering, especially for women, to have control behind the wheel, as it opens doors to opportunities both personally and professionally. Plus, the confidence gained from driving is transferable; it often boosts self-assurance in other areas of life, reinforcing the notion that barriers can be overcome with skill and determination.



What other transport takes you from door to door (other than a bike, which isn’t practical for long distances)? If you learn to drive, you have the freedom to travel where and when you want. You don’t even have to own a car; hiring one or joining a carclub can be both more practical and economical if you only need one occasionally.


The ability to drive ensures unparalleled convenience and caters to the spontaneity of life's little adventures. Imagine the ease of running errands on your own schedule or the possibility of sudden road trips with friends. Plus, for those with families, the flexibility to shuffle between school runs, extracurricular activities, and grocery shopping can be a lifesaver. While public transport has its merits, it often can't match the personal touch that comes with being in your own vehicle, making driving a skill that enhances independence in numerous facets of daily living.



Many jobs require a driver’s licence, so having one will open up more employment possibilities to you. It’s always worth getting the licence, even if your current job doesn’t require it, as you may want or need to change jobs in the future.



You might not need a car now, but if you do in the future, you will have your licence ready and waiting. Many people think it’s easier to learn when you’re younger, and as I mentioned above, you can easily refresh your skills with a couple of lessons later on.



There is a great public transport system where I live, with frequent and cheap buses, metros, trains and trams; with the difficulty in parking, a car is more of a liability than useful. However, for those who live in more rural areas, a car is often essential, as getting to work, going shopping or visiting family would be impossible without one.



A driver’s licence is an easily portable form of ID. Not everyone has a passport, and for many purposes a photographic ID is required. It isn’t worth going to the expense of learning to drive just for this reason, but it’s a useful bonus.



Once you’ve passed your test, that’s it. You don’t need to take it again (unless you do something stupid, land up in court and get ordered to retake it). So if you learn when you have the time and money, you’ve got it out of the way.


Occasional Use

You may not need or want to own a car, but a licence can be extremely useful. When you go on holiday you may want to hire a car. Or perhaps you want to take some day trips with visitors or family.

Although I have my reservations about cars for environmental reasons, I am glad that I passed my test (eventually … on the 4th attempt). It certainly has been useful at times. What does it mean to you to have a licence? Or have you never wanted to learn?

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Hello, I'm turning 17 this year and i wasnt sure whether or not to learn to drive straight away as its quite a scary experience but this has been exactly what im looking for. Cant wait to get behind the wheel :D Thankyou x

I want to drive so much, but I have epilepsy so I have to be cleared by my doctor before I can. I'm 20 and I hate having to be dependent on others if I want to go anywhere. I can't ever just go somewhere, I either have to go with someone or find a ride to drop me off and pick me up, and when you live in an area with no decent public transit it really sucks.

You can save time by not waiting for bus or train or don't have to depend on other to drop you.....freedom.

What do you think about older drivers?

For emergency purposes of course! :)

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