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8 Reasons I Love Animals ...

By Aprille

I never get tired of having animals around. I even miss my pets when I go on vacation. I’m more excited to come home and see them than I am my friends! There’s just something so sweet about how innocent they are. A couple of my pets have their ornery moments, but for the most part they are all very well-behaved and loving. Here are 8 reasons I love animals, especially as pets. Feel free to add your own reasons in the comment section!

8 They Know How to Forgive

I’ve known people to hold grudges for years, but animals always seem more than willing to forgive their humans. I have one cat that will pout for a while when he gets in trouble. He will usually come around and forgive me for yelling at him for what he did. You’d think that he would quit attacking the bread after the first couple of times he got in trouble for it. Thankfully, I’ve finally found a place where he can’t reach the loaves of bread; a metal bread box.

7 Animals Are Great at Cheering You up

My dog comes over and nudges my hand or leg when she senses I’m sad. The cats are always fighting for who will sit in my lap first when I’ve been crying or am feeling a little blue. I even have one little kitten who pats my face with her paws as if to let me know that everything will work itself out and that I should cheer up. Usually the antics these pets perform are a great source of enjoyment all on their own.

6 They Are Always up for a Nap

I’ve never had a better nap buddy. Once the dog settles down and relaxes, she’s a pretty good nap partner, but the cats are by far better. The purring is soothing and always puts me right to sleep. There have been numerous times where I’ve walked past the bed and spied a snoozing kitten that I couldn’t resist joining. A napping kitty is almost a magnet to me. I can’t help by snuggle up next to the sleepy little fur ball and fall asleep myself.

5 Little Maintenance is Required

A scratch on the head or belly and a bowl full of food are the main requests I get from my pets. They are easy to care for and give lots in return. There are very few pets that I can think of that are high-maintenance. I can think of plenty of people who are high-maintenance and a huge pain in the rear end. Most days, I'd rather hang out with animals than with people.

4 They Can Help You Relax after a Hard Day

Studies have been performed on the effect animals have on humans. Stress levels are reduced by the mere presence of an animal. Petting a dog or cat lowers blood pressure levels and thus aids in reducing the risk of a stress-induced heart attack. The therapeutic aspect of animals is also seen in nursing homes. Some animals are stationed in nursing homes for the elderly to view or pet during the day.

3 Kids Can Learn Responsibility

My oldest son received a kitten on his first birthday. He and this little kitten were inseparable. They were like Calvin and Hobbes. As soon as my son was old enough to learn that his kitten needed food to survive, I taught him how to feed her. I bought a container with a lid that was easy to remove, even for a toddler. Soon he was filling his kitten's food bowl and making sure she had fresh water each day. I think kids learn about responsibility by taking care of an animal. Taking care of an animal usually teaches kids how to be nice to animals as well.

2 Animals Teach People How to Think of Others

I think animals are fantastic teachers, when it comes to helping humans realize they aren't the only living things on the planet. Anyone who has lived alone for many years and then suddenly became a pet owner should know how easy it is to learn how to put an animal's needs first. Pets are very good at training their humans. My cats get fed in the morning before I do, but not before the coffee pot gets turned on.

1 They Are Excellent Company

Not only are animals good at keeping people company, but they also don't talk a lot. If I need peace and quiet then that's generally what I get. My pets keep me company without being distracting with lots of talk about stuff that I don't find interesting. They basically want a warm lap to lie on or the chance to sit next to my chair as I type. Just hearing them snoring lightly makes feel comfortable. I don't feel quite so alone.

The 8 reasons I love animals that I've listed above are my own personal feelings. I'm sure not everyone feels strongly about animals. I have friends who prefer to not have anything to do with animals at all. They think having pets is a waste of time and that all animals are messy and smelly. Well, I adore animals and will probably have pets as long as I'm physically able to take care of them properly. What do you love about animals? Do you have a particular pet in your life that is extra special to you?

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