5 Reasons Why Mila Kunis Rocks ...


5 Reasons Why Mila Kunis Rocks ...
5 Reasons Why Mila Kunis Rocks ...

I have just seen the Black Swan. While I thought Natalie was amazing on it, I just could not take my eyes off Mila Kunis. Man, that girl is gorgeous! So I did some research and found more proof that she is one rockin' lady. I shall add her to my list of "celebrities I wish I were friends with."

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She is Gorgeous

She is Gorgeous Some girls do not want to be friends with other girls who are more beautiful than them but I think anyone will want to make an exception with Mila. Sure she has eyes and a teeny-tiny body that can seduce just about anyone but I don't think there is anything malicious about her. So yes, your boyfriend will be safe. Besides, having a girlfriend as gorgeous as her probably has amazing benefits. Let's say...free drinks, perhaps?


She's a Geek

She's a Geek She loves World of Warcraft. How cool is that? This probably has nothing to do with her being kinda nerdy but I like that she is the voice of Meg on Family Guy. Meg is one cool character.


She's a Tomboy and is Funny

She's a Tomboy and is Funny Oh, she has a potty mouth. If you have read some of her interviews, you would immediately think that she is one fun lady to be with. Mostly because she can be one of the boys, too. She likes d*ck jokes and fart jokes and poop jokes. On improv acting, she has this to say: I think you just zone out and have diarrhea of the mouth and hope something funny comes out. On her big eyes: Yes, I look like Japanimation. Hilarious.


She's a Wonderful Actress

She's a Wonderful Actress Her body of work may not be quite impressive as a few other actresses her age but she has gained the right amount of attention for her acting. This is not surprising since she took acting lessons growing up. She lied about her age when she auditioned for Jackie's role on the That '70s Show. The producers wanted a girl who was at least 18; Mila was only 14 but she told them that she'll be 18. They eventually found out but they still thought Mila was perfect for the role. She has also received a good number of positive reviews for her film work.


She's a Nice Girl

She's a Nice Girl This is a girl was who raised right and is living life the best way she knows how, without being a diva. She has this to say about growing up and living in Hollywood: I just feel like I'm very privileged. I had a very healthy, normal upbringing. We were very poor, so I never had material things in life, but I always had lots of love and attention. I never f*cked up in school because I always had something to look forward to. I had to go to work and to auditions and it was just so exciting and it was something that drove me to be a good person. If I didn't have that, it could have been ugly.

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I've always liked her, she just seems like a really cool person to hang out with.

I love her in that Aerosmith video. Those eyes could speak volumes, I tell you. She totally rocked that one.

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