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If you have been having bad luck with dating, then it might be because you have been dating bad boys. You should try dating a good boy. Sure, at first, this may sound boring to you, but I think this is what you need. There are various reasons as to why you should date a good boy and in this blog, I am going to give you 7 reasons to date a good boy.

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He Used Clean Language

I never mind the dirty language, but there are some girls out there that do mind dirty language. For that reason, dating a good boy is a plus. Good boys have a tendency not to cuss as much as those bad boys. At least, no when there is a girl in their presence.


He Cares about You

I have noticed that many good boys don’t just sit there and think of themselves. They watch what they do because they care about you. They make sure they do not hurt you in any way.


He Probably Doesn’t Sleep around

This is great, because you will not have to worry as much about diseases or being compared to someone else. Good boys tend to be loyal to the one they are with, otherwise, they would not be a good boy.


He’s Romantic

I have noticed that with a good boy, it is more about the romance. The good boy doesn’t try to get in your pants without that romance. I know, the good boy may still be dreaming about sex, but at least he isn’t trying to take it from you.


He Isn’t Afraid to Give a Helping Hand

Good boys are not afraid to lend a girl a helping hand. When they see that you are in need of help with something, he will jump in and give you that helping hand. Yes, that is definitely the type of boy you should be around.

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You Won’t Have to Bail Them out of Jail

I like the fact that with a good boy, you will not have to bail them out of jail. Really, you do not have to worry so much about those good boys going out and getting themselves into trouble. They are smart enough not to get themselves in that predicament. They don’t really have a taste for danger.


They Don’t Spend Every Single Night at the Bar

They do not spend every single night at the bar. This is definitely a reason to date a good boy. Instead of going to the bar, they sit at home and play games, spend time on the computer or watch movies with you. This is definitely a big plus.

You see, when you are looking for marriage material, in my opinion, the good boy is the best. Sure, the bad boy may be hot, but I am not sure that he will make such good husband material. This is why I chose to marry a good boy. So, which boy do you prefer?

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I think bad boys who will be good for you are just as cute :)

I love good boys:) they're so cute!

Hey i love your ideas and topics. And the nothing is too long i love it. I own a site called Kollegeknowledge. Would love to have some your stuff up on the site let me know if you would be interested.

Good boys are hard to find though...

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