7 Reasons I Still Love Spongebob ...

It’s been more than ten years since Spongebob first appeared on Nickelodeon, but my love for Bikini Bottom and its residents has not diminished. From stodgy Squirdward to tiny, evil Plankton, they’re all fantastic, and I wish I lived there, too… except, of course, that the place is fictional, and I wouldn’t be able to breathe. Phooey! Here are 7 reasons I still love Spongebob.

1. He’s Still Funny

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That’s right — even after ten years, Spongebob and his friends are still wickedly funny. Granted, the writing’s not as gentle or sweet-natured as before, but it’s still funny and still smart. So many of the jokes aren’t just for kids, either… much like the old Bugs Bunny gags, they’re meant for adults, really.

2. The Guest Stars

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Johnny Depp, Ernest Borgnine, Tim Conway, Scarlett Johanssen, David Bowie, Marion Ross, Victoria Beckham, and even David Hasselhoff… can any other show, animated or live-action, boast a more diverse, cooler cast of guest stars? I think not.

3. The Music

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Aside from the theme music, and other background tunes, the show is loaded with hilarious songs. Some are performed by bona-fide bands (like Pantera in “Pre-hibernation Week”), others by the main characters, like the song sung by Mr. Krabs, a nod to Randy Newman. The music is fantastic!

4. Two Words: Sandy Cheeks

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I adore Sandy. She’s so spunky, so cute, with that Texas drawl and her little attitude. It takes a special kind of small mammal to live underwater, invent all sorts of things, and still be stylish (note the little flower on her air helmet).

5. The Ongoing Gags

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There are so many long-running gags on the show, even now, that I love. Plankton trying to steal the krabby patty secret formula, Krabs being cheap, even the “my leg” guy, SpongeBob trying to get his license… there are so many, and they’re so funny!

6. New Writers

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Naturally, the only way to keep a show fresh after so many years is to add a few new writers, and the writing staff has been shifted a bit to add some new talent. The show still has its continuity, which is important, but the new writers give the show a little edge that the old writers may not have.

7. I’m Such a Squidward

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Whenever anyone accuses me of being a stick-in-the-mud, which I am, I remind them I am, after all, a Squidward. While I don’t play the clarinet (neither does he, right?), I do listen to public radio, and I do enjoy a good cup of tea with lemon. I do wear pants, though, which, for some reason, he does not. Hmm. Go figure.

Those are just a few of the reasons I still love Spongebob, even after ten years. It’s been an interesting, yellow decade! I’m sure I’m not alone, either… he wouldn’t still be a Nickelodeon staple if I was the only fan, right? Are you still a fan, and if so, why do you still love Spongebob? Please share!

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