9 Reasons It's Important to Have a Best Girlfriend ...


9 Reasons It's Important to Have a Best Girlfriend ...
9 Reasons It's Important to Have a Best Girlfriend ...

Every girl needs a best girlfriend. Female friendship is so rich and rewarding, and I think that as you get older, it's easy to forget that sometimes. I remember my best friend being the most important thing to me when I was younger. In fact, finding a best friend was always paramount. We would honor each other with best friend necklaces, the ones with those broken heart charms, where each girl gets one half. “Be Fri” said one side; “st ends,” said the other half. You shared everything, you could always make each other feel better. There are so many reasons it's important to have a best girlfriend, but here are my top 9.

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Emotional Support

Women are known for the emotional support they can provide to anyone they love. That support goes into overdrive when you're talking about a best girlfriend. She's there for you whether you're dealing with a broken heart or a bad day at work, whether you got passed over for a promotion or don't feel your best – and you're there for her as well, through all manner of tragedies, crises, and triumphs.



Girls aren't always honest with each other, even when they're friends. A best girlfriend, however, a true BFF, will always be as honest as possible. With your BFF, you can trust in knowing that even if you don't necessarily want to hear the whole truth, nothing will ever be bad enough to make the two of you break up your friendship for good.



A best girlfriend can be like your sister. You can be completely close with her, in any number of ways. You can do everything together, say anything, and always stay close. She becomes a part of your extended family, and you become a part of hers.



Another true stereotype is that women are wonderful at offering comfort. As such, close girlfriends can comfort each other like no one else can. Whether you are dealing with a break up, a death in the family, or a down, depressed period of your life, your best girlfriend will always provide comfort, warmth, and compassion.


Personal Growth

Friendship is all about growing, but together and as an individual. Your friends always encourage personal growth, especially your best friends. Women really know how to nurture that kind of growth, as well. When you have a female friend with whom you are incredibly close, she can help you be the best version of you.



Close girlfriends are incredibly loyal. If you have a best girlfriend, then you know what it is to feel like you would do anything for her – and you know she will do the same. Best girlfriends won't let anyone hurt you, they won't let anything bad happen to you as long as it's in their power to stop it. They are loyal to a fault, and fiercely protective.


Different Perceptions

One reason friends are so important is because they can provide you with alternative perceptions of yourself and the world around you. Because your best girlfriend can be completely honest with you and vice versa, the two of you can really provide each other with new perspectives, and that too can encourage personal growth.


Girls Know Girls

Women are intuitive and empathetic. We understand each other. To that end, no one will ever be able to understand you in quite the same way as your best girlfriend. She knows why you feel the way you feel and why you do the things you do. She can understand your thoughts and actions like they are her own.


Unconditional Love

Best friends offer unconditional love in the same manner of family members, but it's different as well, because the two of you choose each other. When everything else in life feels like it's going wrong, you will always know your best girlfriend loves you, and that nothing will ever change that fact.

I miss female friendship so much. The Better Half and my mother are both my BFFs, but it's different because I live with the BH, we're in a relationship, and because my mom is my mom. Those are great friendships, but it's also nice to have someone outside the family circle. Who are your best friends, and how do you support each other?

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When me and my best friend talk I wonder what other people think. Some of the stuff we say is weird. We get a lot of wierd looks when we are having a conversation in public. I guess if I was just a random person walking by and I only heard a snippet of our conversation I would be like "What!?"

Understands mood swings better.

A shoulder to cry on

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