6 Reasons Why I Love MoodPanda.com ...


6 Reasons Why I Love MoodPanda.com ...
6 Reasons Why I Love MoodPanda.com ...

I have maintained diaries (more recently a blog) for as long as I can remember. Of course, what started off with "This is what i did at school today" progressed into more serious, deep writings and I find it fascinating to go back to them every couple of years and see what affected my life and how I've changed and grown.

Recently I found MoodPanda.com, an online free interactive mood diary and fell in love with the idea of sharing and tracking my mood. I'm sure you're wondering what the point is and how it works, so let me give you 6 reasons why I love MoodPanda.com.

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It's Therapeutic

Venting always makes you feel better, whether it is by talking to a friend or in the form of blogging or just updating your current mood with the reason why on MoodPanda.com! And when you're really upset, you'll find that going back to happy updates will inevitably bring a smile to your face.


Join Groups

It's amazing how sometimes talking to strangers can help you feel better, especially if they are on the same page as you. With MoodPanda.com, you can create and join existing groups and share your stories, problems and queries. Can you imagine how great it is to have such a platform especially for people who suffer from depression, bipolar disorders and such? You'll never feel alone or confused again.


Sharing with Friends

Of course, you can also use MoodPanda.com to share your current mood with friends on Twitter and Facebook. They even have a blog tool with which you can update your mood on your own blog or website. You can also view mood maps of your city/country to see how everyone around you is feeling. How cool is that!


Tracking Your Mood

With mood graphs and calendars, you can track your mood and literally revisit happy times and not-so-happy times. How does that help? Well, for starters it makes you more aware of your feelings and the things that cause them. If you could go back to what made you happy, wouldn't you try to consciously re-create those circumstances and similarly, avoid things that have upset you in the past? I sure would! Basically, MoodPanda.com forces you to use your past and make a more conscious effort for a happier present and future.


IPhone Application

Yes, Mood Panda is now available on your iPhones so you can update your mood anytime, anywhere in an instant. Download your MoodPanda application for free!


It's Free and Fun

Of course there's the adorable panda for starters and then there's the website itself which is incredibly cute and so easy and fun to use!

I'm a huge fan of nostalgia and "I can't believe I was like that" moments. Like I said, I love going back to old diary entries and reading through them and I know I'm going to enjoy every minute on MoodPanda.com just because it makes that nostalgic journey so much more fun! Register now and I hope to see you there.

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I have been looking for a mood diary app (which works!) for ages. Thanks for highlighting this one it's great! Really easy to use and most importantly I can track mood over the previous week or month. Brilliant!

Thank you.But this site is like my mood diary. I just completed my first year of regular visit here. I realy like this site.

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