9 Reasons I Love Being a Woman ...


Being a Woman has so many advantages. Of course, I'm sure that being a man has its advantages as well, but since I am a woman, I want to highlight 9 of the reasons I love being a woman! Women get to do some things that men will NEVER be able to do. And we really have it easier than men-in some aspects. This is a list of 9 of the very best reasons that I love being a woman. I would love to share them with you! I think you will all find that you can agree with me, and if not, I'm sure you can find another reason to love being a woman. I don't think I would change the fact that I'm a woman for anything! I know lots of women years ago had it harder than we do today but technology and advancing ideas and theories have given women more rights and privileges than what we had years ago. And I'm so thankful for that! Please keep reading for the 9 reasons I love being a woman!

1. I Get to Have a Husband

The top reason I love being a woman-I get to have a husband! My husband is my best friend, my rock, my soul mate, the one who cheers me up, listens to me and loves me unconditionally. I couldn't imagine NOT having him. As women, we get to have a husband. How awesome is that! If that idea doesn't thrill you, maybe you just haven't found the right guy yet.

I Get to Wear Makeup
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