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7 Reasons I Love Barbie ...

By Jennifer

Since her arrival in 1959, Barbie has been everywhere and done everything, from including careers as a babysitter to a veterinarian, airline pilot to Olympic figure skater. She’s gorgeous, sweet, smart… everything little girls could possibly want to be. Sure, she’s dealt with her share of controversy, but I adore Barbie, and I’m not afraid to admit it. Here are 7 reasons I love Barbie.


Barbie has worn designer gowns designed by Calvin Klein and Vera Wang. She drives a pink Corvette and a Jeep. She has lots of exotic pets, including a panda and a zebra. Is there anything this girl doesn’t have? Call me commercial and materialistic and shallow, but who wouldn’t want to be Barbie for a day?

2 She’s Kind-hearted

Barbie is sweet and kind-hearted, almost to a fault. I’ve only ever seen her stick up for herself in the latest movie, “A Fairy Secret.” She’s kind, courteous, sweet, accepting, and helpful. Wouldn’t she make a great bestie?

3 She’s Super-smart

There’s no way Barbie could be a fashion model, airline pilot, astronaut, doctor, and NASCAR driver if she wasn’t brilliant. There was some scandal in 1992 when she was quoted as saying “math class is tough!” but she obviously worked through it, graduated high school, and moved on to several rewarding smart-girl careers.

4 She’s Single… Still!

In 2004, Barbie and her long-term boyfriend, Ken Carson, broke up. They’d been dating since 1961, and though she’s not afraid of commitment, Barbie just didn’t want to settle. She’s happy being single… and besides, Australian surfer-boy Blaine is kind of interesting… I love that Barbie isn’t the typical Disney Princess, with her heart set on marriage by the age of 16.

5 She Has a Career (LOTS of Careers) She Loves

I’ve mentioned Barbie’s numerous rewarding careers. I’d love to be a pilot or a flight attendant, a NASCAR driver (ala Danica Patrick) or a doctor… but Barbie is all of these things, and more. Say what you will about her setting unrealistic body images, but in regards to career choices, I think Barbie is a great role model for little girls who, in the past, may not have considered these as career choices.

6 She’s Not a Bratz Doll

I loathe the Bratz dolls. They look like tiny prostitutes! Even their TV commercials and animated shows make them appear trampy, long before their time. While Barbie is off baby-sitting, the Bratz are wearing thigh-high stockings and mini-skirts to school dances, and quite possibly, un-supervised parties after.

7 She’s Stood the Test of Time

Barbie is more than 50 years old, but little girls the world over still love her. She’s timeless, and that’s another reason I adore her.

I know, I know… a lot of moms out there are shaking their heads, and possibly their fists at me right now, thinking that Barbie’s perfect bodily proportions are setting unrealistic standards for little girls, but neither me, my mother, my aunts, my cousins, my friends, or my daughters have ever held her up to real-life scrutiny, or compared her to our own bodies. And I really think in some ways, she’s a very good role model. Hate her or love her, she’s relevant, and will always have millions of fans and detractors. But I for one love her… and I’m not ashamed of it! Do you love or loathe Barbie? Why? Please share your thoughts!

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