7 Pros of Having an Identical Twin ...


7 Pros of Having an Identical Twin ...
7 Pros of Having an Identical Twin ...

Having an identical twin probably means people will often call you by her name and mistake you for her. However, when you think about the fact that you’ll never have to be alone or go through anything on your own, it’s pretty much worth it. First day at school, parties, socializing... your sister will be there too and you’ll both feel more comfortable and less shy. Yup, having a twin is really cool, plus there are so many interesting, fun and sometimes even wicked things to do! But let me just list a couple of pros I have on my mind right now:

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Stronger Bond

Twins have a very special bond and, just like a mother always feels when her child is in danger, a twin knows when something is wrong with her sister. Some twins even claim they can really feel each other’s pain! I know that doesn’t sound like a pro, but if you think about it twice, you’ll realize it’s something really special you don’t get to share with anybody else.


The Possibility of Passing Each Other’s Exams

Okay, I know this is bad, but you can’t blame me for thinking about it. As long as it’s hypothetical and in the range of “What would I do if I had this or that”, it’s all good. Right? My younger sis and I go to the same university and I’m often like “Oh, I wish we look alike, I’ve passed this exams with flying colors” LOL! Don’t do it though, even if you have a twin or a sister that looks like you because you can get in serious trouble.


Help in Embarrassing Situations

Imagine this – you like a guy but you are too embarrassed to ask him out. Luckily, you have your identical twin that doesn’t have a hot spot for him and won’t get all goofy and weird while talking to him. You could ask her to help you out and “break the ice”. Why not? I wish I had a twin to help me avoid tons of embarrassing moments.


Covering for Each Other

Saturday, 10 A.M, my phone is ringing and, according to the caller ID, it’s a very good friend of mine. I answer the phone and guess what? The poor girl is a state of complete panic – she needs to attend a contract signing on Monday and that would be great… if only she didn’t have to attend a seminary taking place in the same day, in a completely different country! Now, imagine how much time, money and nerves having an identical twin could save her! Or you, me and anybody else who has been in this “I wish I had the ability to teleport myself” situation before!


Being Able to Share Clothes and Shoes

I know, I know – not all twins have the same taste in fashion. But that still doesn’t mean you can’t help yourself to your sister’s clothes and shoes. If you like sporty clothes and your sister likes heels and dresses, you’ll always be able to “steal” a great party outfit and shock everybody with that sudden change of style. If you both have the same style – even better! More clothes plus more shoes equals more interesting choices!


All Those Pranks Your Could Pull on People

You can shock, confuse and scare people or even get them to think they are going crazy. Two of you? Impossible! Or…wait… is it possible? Twins know what I’m talking about and for the rest of you…well, just use your imagination.


Avoid Boring People

If you happen to run into your ex, a frenemy or anybody else you don’t want to talk to, you can always pretend you’re your sister and make them feel embarrassed. Furthermore, I bet you have at least one of those yappers, friends that keep calling you in any given time of the day and keep you glued to the phone for hours. Well, imagine how cool it would be if you could say, “Hey, Jane, you probably want to speak with my sister. Well, she’s sleeping, I’ll tell her you called.”

Have you ever thought about what your life would be like if you had an identical twin? I certainly have and I bet we would have a great time together! Although… I’m not really sure the world is big enough for two huge blabbermouths.

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One of my friend has identical twin and they cover for each other very well.

There are some triplets in my grade right now and the teachers used to get them mixed up so we used to joke around saying that they could switch classes. The only difference was that one of them had a huge afro but he shaved it off.

My twin doesn't do any of these, but we do have a special bond, and we fight alot

Ha! Me and my sister don't really look alike but we sound pretty similar over the phone so I pretend I'm her anytime I don't want to talk to anyone. =)

LOVE this article. Me and my identical sister have done all of these, minus the second (though we've switched classes for fun dozens of times), it's tons if fun and super useful too.

Nice, i wish my twin were here, you know? Vanishing twin syndrome... :(

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