7 Reasons to Send Flowers ...


7 Reasons to Send Flowers ...
7 Reasons to Send Flowers ...

What woman doesn’t love getting flowers, especially if it’s not for an anniversary or for Valentine’s Day? There are so many reasons to send flowers, and we tend to stick to a couple of the basics, but why? Let’s change things up a bit… here are 7 reasons to send flowers.

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A lot of people send flowers on birthdays, but I thought I’d list this anyway since I myself LOVE getting flowers on my birthday, and it’s only happened ONCE! How sad is that? So now, I’ve said it, here, in front of millions of readers — It’s a great idea to send people flowers on their birthday!


Thank You

In this day and age, when most of us can’t even be bothered to send a real thank you card, or even an email, think of how thoughtful and sweet it would be to send flowers as a way to show your gratitude to a friend or colleague who helped you out of a sticky situation or just lent an ear or a shoulder to cry on. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate arrangement, just something bright and simple… with a thank you message!


Wedding Anniversary

This idea goes further than sending your wife flowers on your wedding anniversary. This could also include sending your best friend and her husband on their anniversary, which can be especially meaningful on a “big” year, like the first or tenth… with so many marriages ending in divorce, it would be very sweet to let the couple know they’ve made it another year, and you recognize that.


Promotion at Work

Help a friend or colleague celebrate landing a new client, a promotion at work, or even launching their own business with a gorgeous flower arrangement! There are few times to celebrate a success like this, so make it special by commemorating it with flowers. This is also a marvelous idea for college or even high school graduates.


New Baby

When a close friend or family member welcomes a new baby into the world, you can help them mark the moment by sending flowers. Most florists offer special pink or blue arrangements, which seem geared more towards the baby than mama and daddy, so try something different, like a live plant or even a tree seedling, which will grow with baby and be a constant reminder of that miraculous birth-day.


Dance Recital

June is dance recital time, a time for dancers to show off all of the hard work they’ve put in since the start of the dance season in September. Show your dancer how impressed you are with their talent, skill, and dedication with a bouquet! Roses are nice, but for younger dancers, a trio of gerbera daisies tied with a bright ribbon would be sweet, too!


Just Because!

Really, do you need a specific reason to send your bestie, your mother, or your sister flowers? There are a million small reasons she deserves them, so why wait for a birthday or a special occasion, when every day is special?

With so many reasons to send flowers on other days besides February 14, pick a friend, pick up the phone (or the mouse) and order a pretty bouquet… or go to your gorgeous garden and pick your own! Or… maybe you’re already a renowned flower-sender, and if so, when do you send flowers? Do tell!

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