7 Reasons I Love Living in a Tropical Country ...


7 Reasons I Love Living in a Tropical Country ...
7 Reasons I Love Living in a Tropical Country ...

For all my life, I have lived in the Philippines, an archipelago situated near the equator. You can consider the place a tropical country and it is absolutely lovely. Sure, there are many political, social, and environmental problems, but I cannot deny how much I love this place. I love it mostly for being a warm, tropical country with a low cost of living. Aside from this major reason, there are also other reasons why I love living in a tropical country. If you are interested to know what these reasons are, then read on.

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Two Seasons

I have nothing against having four seasons in a year. In fact, I would love to experience the beauty and magic of fall, winter, and spring. However, I absolutely love how a tropical country only has two seasons: wet and dry. It’s just easier for the body to adjust to the temperature changes. And I also have to admit that it’s easier on the wardrobe budget.


Cheap Wardrobe Upkeep

Having only two seasons in a year makes keeping a well-stocked wardrobe fairly easy. You only have to think of clothes that you can use for the dry seasons, as well as clothes you can wear to keep you warm and protected during the wet season.


Shorts and Skirts

I’m not a fan of jeans or sweatpants. Luckily, the weather here is warm and dry on most days. That means that I can wear shorts and skirts to my heart’s content. In a tropical country, you don’t have to worry about wearing bundles of clothes that weigh you down. You can dress as comfortably and as lightly as you want.


The ease of tossing on a flowy skirt or breezy pair of shorts is simply unparalleled. There's a freedom in knowing that each day brings with it the promise of sunshine and gentle winds, perfect for donning your favorite light fabrics and playful patterns. Whether I'm strolling through a local market or meeting friends for a waterfront brunch, these pieces are not only practical in the heat but also allow for personal style to shine through. Plus, nothing beats the feeling of the sun caressing your skin, a daily luxury here in paradise.


Fruits, Fruits, Fruits

I try to eat healthy food as often as I can. That is why I absolutely love the constant supply of fresh tropical fruits. Some of the fruits that I love to eat are mango, watermelon, banana, guava, papaya, coconut, and mangosteen.


Fresh Seafood

Unless there’s a red tide outbreak, strong winds, or a typhoon, the seafood here is usually fresh and affordable throughout the year. This is especially true if you buy it early in the morning when the fishermen get back from fishing. I don’t eat seafood a lot but it’s good to know that I can have my fill of fresh fish, mollusks, and crustacean when the craving hits.


Beaches and Swimming

Here where I live, there are many beaches 30-60 minutes away from the city. I love how you can go to beach on almost any day you want. You can even go in the water without hesitation because usually the water is warm and calm.


Nice Weather

I love the sunny weather that we experience almost all year round. Yes, even during the wet season, we still have nice sunny days. I suffer from depression so I really love how the bright sun helps keep my spirits up.

When you add all these small things together, you pretty much know how my life goes in this tropical country. It’s not always a paradise, but it’s as close to one as far as I’m concerned. I love living in a tropical country and I hope I properly relayed the reasons why. Now, if you count out the economic situation of a country, do you think you would want to live in a tropical country?

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I am living in a tropical country and I definitely agree with the ideas you've written. Hope that you'll have a chance to live in a tropical country. But I want to experience snow... hahaha!!!! I haven't experience so I think that would be a great moment for me..

Oh my gosh I would love to live in a tropical country. Winter kills me every year.

i absolutely love the philippines and i really want to go back & being half filipina, i am a complete sucker for papaya and coconut. i was born and raised there and had to leave because of mt. pinatubo. :(

My reason would be being able to see my own legs. When I went to Canada, I can't even see my legs anymore.. it's always wrapped

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