7 Things to Love about Pinterest ...


7 Things to Love about Pinterest ...
7 Things to Love about Pinterest ...

Pinterest is "a place to catalog the things you love." It's a website that will suck time off your day but you will not feel bad about it. Why? Because you are gathering inspiration! The following are some of the things to love about Pinterest.

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Organized Inspiration

Organized Inspiration Pinterest is like the inspiration board you have in your study but more organized and easier to wade through. If, like me, you save beautiful photos online on your laptop, you will absolutely love Pinterest. The great thing about this website is that it makes saving or bookmarking corners of the world wide web a lot easier!

The interface is easy to understand and I am in love with the different boards that you can create. The boards is most definitely one of the things to love about Pinterest. Right now, I have boards for things I want to make, places I want to see, interior design inspiration, and photographs that I find achingly beautiful. No matter your interests, making boards will not be a problem. From food to recipes to art to engagement ideas to anything under the sun, Pinterest will help organize your inspirations.


Easy Pinning

Once you've set up your Pinterest account, you will be given instructions on how to install the "Pin It" button to your web browser. You use this button to pin any interesting photo you see online to your Pinterest account. And while you're browsing the website, you can also pin stuff via the re-pin button on each photo.


Intact Source

Intact Source Unlike simply saving a photo to a folder on your laptop, using Pinterest is also a way to bookmark a website you visit a lot or find inspiration from. A photo pinned to your account will have a link back to the original source. This is great for the photographer and for you if you happen to dabble in photography.


"Meet" Friends

A bit like a social networking site, one of the things to love about Pinterest is the people you meet. You can follow the Pinterest of a blogger you find inspiring and then find out what websites she loves. One feature that I find nifty is the option to follow only a particular board of the person you follow. This way, you don't have to see photos of things that do not interest you.


Easy Sharing

Easy Sharing You can easily tweet or post a photo you love from Pinterest via the share buttons. Embedding a photo to your blog is very easy, too. You simply copy the code to your blog and you're done!


Easy Search

And if you don't want to filter Google images to find a photo that you need, Pinterest is there to rescue you. One of the things to love about Pinterest is that it's a great image source and almost all photos that pop up are beautiful.


Enjoy Views

Enjoy Views If you own a blog, one of the things to love about Pinterest is that you will enjoy more views. When one of your readers pins a photo from your blog, it's awesome that that said photo will link back to you. But what's even more fantastic is this function on Pinterest that shows more photos or pins that came from your blog.

So those are just a few of the things to love about Pinterest. I'm sure you'll be able to add more. Go ahead, I'm listening. :)

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