8 Advantages of Flatsharing ...


8 Advantages of Flatsharing ...
8 Advantages of Flatsharing ...

Most of us, when we’re single, prefer to live alone if we have the choice, but in these days of high rents and property prices, it isn’t always feasible to do so. Sharing a flat can be a nightmare, as you are basically living with strangers with whom you may have nothing in common. However, there are times when sharing has its advantages. Here are some of them.

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Living on your own can be perfectly fine, but it’s also nice sometimes to have company at home. If you get on with your flatmates, you can enjoy watching films together, have parties or simply chat. When you have a problem, there is usually someone around to talk to about it.


Share the Work

Of course, when you share a flat the dreaded question of housework inevitably comes up. But at least, providing you share with people who pull their weight, everybody does their bit to keep the house clean, and you know that you won’t have to do everthing yourself (as you do when you live alone!).



Living alone is expensive, as you have nobody to share the rent or mortgage with. If your circumstances change, and your costs go up or your income is reduced (or both), your finances can really become stretched. Sharing or renting out a room will reduce your outgoings. Similarly, sharing means that you can save up to rent or buy your own place.



If you’re a nervous person and don’t like the idea of living alone, sharing can give you an added sense of security. It also means that when you are away, someone will be there to keep an eye on things, and that the house won’t be left empty.



If you have pets, and you live alone, then you have to make arrangements for someone to care for them when you are away. However, if you have flatmates they may be willing to look after them, which can be very helpful if you live in a city and thus nowhere near a cattery or kennels.



Have you got some furniture to put together? Do you need some advice on local amenities or places to socialise? Flatmates can be a great source of help and advice on all kinds of matters, especially if you are new in town and they’ve been living there for a while.



While most flatsharers generally want to live their lives independently of the people they just happen to share with, it’s still nice to have a degree of sociability. A ‘house dinner’ every now and then can be fun. I used to share cooking with one of my flatmates – this suited us both, as it meant that we didn’t have to cook every day.


Meet New People

Again, this is particularly useful if you are new in town. Flatmates are bound to invite their friends round, so they may introduce you to a new circle of people that you wouldn’t otherwise meet. They might have some nice male friends too!

While sharing a house may not be the ideal situation (and sometimes is even a nightmare), it can have positive aspects. What else have you enjoyed about flatsharing? Do tell!

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