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8 Reasons I Love My Laptop ...

By Alison

While I’m not a great fan of technology on the whole, I must admit that I couldn’t live without my laptop. It’s just so useful! Nowadays, it’s pretty much essential to have a home computer, and certainly extremely useful. Here are some of the reasons why I love my laptop.

1 Space Saving

Space SavingPhoto Credit: Helga Weber

I’d never go back to having a desktop computer, as I dislike the way that they dominate a room. You have to buy a special desk, and unless you buy one with doors the computer will be permanently on display.

2 Portability

PortabilityPhoto Credit: Ed Yourdon

The whole point of a laptop is that you can move it about easily. I can work in any part of my house, even in bed if I want to! When the weather’s warm, I can work outside. I can take it to the library, or with me when I travel.

3 Work

WorkPhoto Credit: Kevin Steele

My laptop allows me to work easily at home. With an internet connection I can work for people all over the world. It opens up so many possibilities, especially for a freelancer, as we are not restricted by geography.

4 Contact

ContactPhoto Credit: Garry -

My family live in three different countries, but with my laptop I can keep in touch easily. Whether I use email, social networks, Skype or IM with webcam, the distance doesn’t matter, and we can be in contact whenever we want.

5 Information

InformationPhoto Credit: yohann.aberkane

If I want to find out the times of trains, check what’s on at the cinema, look up health information or where my nearest branch of a shop is, it’s all available on the internet. Plus much much more. I was even able to tell my mother (who lives in another country) what was on at her local theatre, the times of the performances, and the prices of tickets.

6 Multi-Purpose

Multi-PurposePhoto Credit:

There are so many things that you can do on the computer. Play games, watch DVDs, listen to music, work, communicate, store photos, check up on the weather … It’s a source of entertainment, information, and a means of communication.

7 Entertainment

EntertainmentPhoto Credit: selva

Although it’s better watching DVDs on a large screen TV, I find it very handy to be able to watch them on my laptop. Also I can store my music, listen to hundreds of radio stations, play games, and watch videos on Youtube. There are also a lot of e-books if you like those.

8 Convenience

ConveniencePhoto Credit:Daveblog

Having a computer is very convenient, as it can often save you a call to find out information or a trip to the library to look things up. Instead, everything is close at hand. Many procedures can be carried out online now, such as sending job applications, buying insurance or paying bills, which saves a lot of time.

What do you consider the best points about having a laptop? Are there any drawbacks? What do you use your laptop for most?

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