15 Funny Reasons to Date a Musician ...

Have you ever dated a musician? Have you ever wished to date one? I have and, honestly, it’s not all chimes and sweet harp music. But, no need to talk about that now because this post is all about musician jokes. So here’s a few funny reason why they would make great boyfriends:

1. Date a Musician, or Even Better, a Guitarist for No Special Reason

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Why? Because he has a great finger coordination and doesn’t stop until the show is over.

2. In Case You’re Shy, Try Dating a Pro Guitarist

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Why? Because pro guitarist know what they are doing. In fact, they know it so good, they don’t even have to look.

3. If You’re Picky, You Can Just Date Any Musician Passionate about What He Does

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Why? Because they always keep their instruments in pristine condition. Definitely a good thing.

4. Date Them Even if You Don’t Want Any Emotional Attachment

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Why? Because they are ready to perform for anybody that is willing to pay. LOL! No offence, please.

5. You Don’t Need Any Toys if You’re Dating a Musician

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Why? Because they use the vibrato… and very generously.

6. Restless Ones Will Also like Them

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Why? Because they can play for hours and they actually do a warm up practice before the real show.

7. Don’t like Guitarists? Try a Bassist then

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Why? They spend hours practicing playing in different positions and it them who make the walls shake.

8. Still Not Convinced You Should Opt for Bassist?

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Well, let me tell you one thing – their instruments are bigger. Now, what do you say about that?

9. Flute Players Are Even Better

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Why? Because they can use their hands and mouth in the same time. Now that are some useful multitasking skills right there.

10. But All Musicians Are Generally Great

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Why? Well, you see, musicians are very dedicated to everything they do. They practice EVERYDAY and even few times a day.

11. But, Sometimes, a Pianist is What a Girls Needs

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Why? Because they can play fast, they can play slow, perform all kinds of different things and are not stopping until the audience is pleased.

12. Drummers Are Not to Be Taken Lightly Either, Ladies

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Why? Because they can take the lead of follow it and they certainly know how to work their sticks.

13. But What about DJs? Are They Dateable?

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Absolutely! They don’t only use both hands but know exactly when is good time to make some noise. Plus, you can always expect the will make a move you didn’t see coming.

14. Rappers Are Cool Too

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Why? Because a real pro never falls out of rhythm. Their entire skill is in the mouth and they know exactly what to do to make the audience scream for more.

LOL! Hope musicians won’t see this in a negative light. This is just to make you laugh a bit. So, did I manage to do that? Can you list some other funny reasons to date a musician?

Top Photo Credit: Mister Wilson

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