8 of My Favorite Musicians Who Act ...

Don't you love multi-talented people? It's really hard to find an actual, modern day Renaissance man or woman, but when you find someone who can do it all – or at least most of it – then it's great. I'm talking about musicians who also take their turn on the stage and screen, and are really good at it. There are plenty who aren't – Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears come to mind – but here are 8 of my favorite musicians who act and do it well.

1. Eminem

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There is absolutely no question that Eminem is at the top of my list – and there he will stay until the end of my days. I know that, thus far, he's only been in 8 Mile, but frankly that was good enough for me. Plus – and I am so excited about this – he's got more films on the way. Besides that, you can argue that he acts within all of his videos, as well as within in each song, as he strives to bring his listeners into the story he creates.

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