7 Actors That Seem Partially Crazy ...

I am not making fun of the following actors that seem partially crazy. Some celebrities seem to live on a different plane of existence than the rest of us. Maybe it’s the money in their Swiss bank accounts or maybe it’s the fact that they are constantly surrounded by people who tell them how amazing they are. Either way, they do some weird stuff sometimes and please do not take this article the wrong way. I wish they would pull it together and show the world they really aren’t crazy. I mean we all go through hard times when we do things we regret, right? Anyway, Here are 7 actors that seem partially crazy.

1. Charlie Sheen

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Photo Credit: Notyfarandula1

Lately Charlie Sheen is the king of crazy. From his cancelled hit show to the gaggle of one liner laced interviews he’s done lately, this guy is proving to be nuts. He’s claimed to have a 10,000 year old brain and also to have tiger’s blood flowing through his veins. Apart from that he got fired and is demanding a $1 million dollar per episode raise to come back! If that works out I’d definitely call that WINNING!

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