7 of My Favorite Celebrity Redheads ...


7 of My Favorite Celebrity Redheads ...
7 of My Favorite Celebrity Redheads ...

I have to tell you, I love redheads. I don't care if it's natural or not – provided it looks good, of course. I also have to admit that I'm not the hugest fan of gingery redheads, but I forgive myself for that. I think my obsession goes back to my love for Anne of Green Gables, but I'm not sure. Regardless, with the right skin tone, especially, so many women look gorgeous with red hair. Since I can't spot all of you, here are some of my favorite celebrity redheads instead!

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Emma Stone

img.allw.mn Image source: data.whicdn.com

Emma Stone is my favorite celebrity redhead period. She is my very favorite, and I love her to death. I know she's changed her hair color a lot, but I don't care. I change my hair color all the time, but people still like me when I'm a brunette, you know? This girl is so adorable I can't even stand it. I hope she goes back to that lovely red shade, though, because it suits her to pieces – she almost reminds me of Anne of Green Gables, with that freckled little nose!


Evan Rachel Wood

Evan Rachel Wood Image source: data.whicdn.com

Evan Rachel Wood has gone back to red hair a lot in her career, for which I'm grateful. She's got the kind of porcelain skin that can really carry it off, you know? And with her role on True Blood, it's going to suit her even better. Rawr!


Seth Green

Seth Green Image source: television.portail.free.fr

All right, so I know I made it seem like this list was going to be all girls, but it's not. I have to include Seth! I admit, I don't generally like red hair on a guy. There are a few exceptions, Seth being one of them. Conan is too, but that's just because I think he's funny. I would have Seth Green's little redheaded babies, though. He just needs to be a redhead – and looks like one, even when his hair's blue!


Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks Image source: data.whicdn.com

Christina Hendricks is crazy hot. She'd be hot no matter what color her hair, but it's actually because she has it going on in so many ways that she's one of my favorite celebrity redheads. This woman is the epitome of beauty to me, the definition of gorgeous sensuality. I love that she shows off her curves. The fact that she's a fiery redhead makes it even better, you know what I mean?


Lucille Ball

Lucille Ball Image source: data.whicdn.com

Lucille Ball is the most iconic redhead ever, I think – even though it obviously wasn't her natural hair color! I don't know that anyone else in the world, living or passed, could ever pull off that look like she did, I really don't. Even though it was so clearly fake, it still suited her so well – those pouting lips, the big blue eyes, the fair skin. She was magnificent!


Isla Fisher

Isla Fisher Image source: data.whicdn.com

Isla Fisher is one of my favorite celebrity redheads for a number of reasons. For one thing, she's absolutely adorable and it suits her well too – in a Lucy type way, actually. The difference is that Isla's one of the few natural redheads on this list – and probably in all of Hollywood, for that matter. I actually didn't know that at first. Lucky girl!


Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore Image source: st.kinopoisk.ru

Julianne Moore of the to-die-for bone structure is another natural redhead. I can see that, what with all those dainty little cinnamon freckles! I love Julianne to death – even when she's botching the role of Clarice Starling. You know where she really rocked out that red hair, though? The Hours. Go watch it!

So there you go, the list of my favorite celebrity redheads. I'm sure there are more, but I'm limited to seven and couldn't think of any others. Still, these ladies (and Seth!) are all drop dead gorgeous – and even if they aren't redheads anymore, they were once, and they were beautiful. What about you, do you have a favorite hair color?

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Karen Gillan is the most beautiful I think <3 She's gorgeous

WOW I love your picks! I love Christina Hendricks from Mad Men...and wow what a gorgeous photo of I Love Lucy!

I will freely admit to having had a girlie crush on Alicia Witt ever since I saw her in Cybill

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