5 Celeb Looks to Check out ...


5 Celeb Looks to Check out ...
5 Celeb Looks to Check out ...

I like this look! I don't like her leopard tote but the rest are boho-chic together. Check out the link to see what kind of shoes she wore.

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Color-blocking, Iman style. The color of her top and earrings make her skin look positively glorious. Of course, the golden skirt is fab, too.


Sequins, cutout shoulders, and menswear collar...In one dress. Hmmm I am not a fan of this look. But Keira has worn a lot of quirky things on the red carpet so this is not really surprising.


Hillary wore short cutoff shorts with sky-high heels and a bight orange blazer today in Beveryly Hills. She finished her look with huge sunnies and a quilted bag. What do you guys think?


Salma Hayek is looking mighty beautiful wearing bell bettom jeans and a blue blazer. Simple and chic; she completed the look with a pearl necklace. Lovely!

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Salma Hayek is definitely a celeb fashionista, love her looks.

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