5 Hot Celebrity Inspired Wedding Hairstyles ...


5 Hot Celebrity Inspired Wedding Hairstyles ...
5 Hot Celebrity Inspired Wedding Hairstyles ...

Celebrities' hair is tended to by many **stylists to help them create their fabulous red carpet looks and though we may not have thousands of dollars we can recreate their hot hairstyles with a little help from our neighborhood hair salons. Here are five wedding hair trends that may just be the perfect look to complete your **wedding day ensemble.

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Soft and Elegant...

Soft and Elegant... Keira Knightley's**updo** is perfect for a beach weddingmatched with a soft laced wedding gown. With the elegant touch of a beautiful beaded barretteKnightley turns a simple look into a million dollar hairstyle.

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Cute and Curly...

Cute and Curly... Claire Danes' curly updo is cute for any wedding style especially one for a bride wearing a beautiful ball gown. A small tiara would complete this look for a princess bride walking down the aisle to marry her prince.

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Sleek and Sizzling...

Sleek and Sizzling... All six of these celebrity ladies look sizzling with their sleek updos that are hot for a bride in a mermaid gownor a form fitting style. Pair this look with drop earringsand your groom to be will not be able to keep his hands off you!

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Long and Wavy...

Long and Wavy... Sarah Jessica Parker's**long, wavy hair** will make your vintage style rock. With a vintage gownand a pair of hot red heels you will be singing tunes from the 50's and getting hitched in style.

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Beautiful Braids... Jessica Alba's braided updo is sophisticated and sexy for any bride's style whether it be a simple A-line silhouette or a dramatic sheath halter. Since beginning my search for the perfect wedding hairstyle for my own wedding, Alba's look has been my favorite and I hope to recreate it for my big day.

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Which celebrity hairstyle will you recreate for your wedding day?

Photo Credit: Instyle.co.uk, Wedding53.com, aaa-fashion.com, beauty.glam.com, TheInsider.com

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Opp, fast taken care Diana! Thanks. Well, I meant i love to see "5. Soft and Elegant…" more - it is classic and right now is Asian trend.

Thank you Gofree and Olga!! Gofree I checked out your site and see you have a YouTube video of the top movies for 2009...I can't wait to see the new X-men movie! And Gofree you said you want to see more of this feature...did you mean more hairstyles or more bridal posts? If you check out Olga's posts she has hot hairstyle trends for 2009 and if you check out more of mine you will see more bridal. And check out more of AllWomenStalk for all the great features we have! Olga I love Keira Knightley's hair too...it just looks so soft and simple yet so elegant! I dont want my wedding day hair to look too done up, I want to look like me!

can u tell me more about updos hairstyles

Thanks Ashi! Yeah I can't wait to go for a hair trail for my wedding day. I'll probably bring a pic of Jessica Alba's and Keira Knightley's with me!

Thanks a lot Diana for the link to such a great site. Surely will keep on looking for other posts from you.

your web site is wonder full i like ur template

Thnaks for this one Diana, such amazing hair styles.. I like best the Soft and Elegant… Which is your fav?

Amazing hairstyles, thank you Diana! PS: Love that picture of Keira Knightley, she looks fabulous!

Awesome hairstyles and its really needed.

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