8 Celebrity Hairstyles You Should Steal ...

Celebrities have great hair, that’s no secret, but they also have numerous stylists to keep each strand looking great and in place. That doesn’t mean you can’t get perfect hair, though, just that you’ll need to pick your style carefully, and use some great products to keep it in check. I’ve been changing my hair a lot recently, and here are the 8 celebrity hairstyles you should definitely steal…

1. High Drama Curls a La Blake Lively

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Photo Credit: psychic_heart

Who doesn’t love Blake’s great curls? Whether they are loose and casual, like above, or dressed up for a night out, they always look great, and so easy to maintain! The key things in this look are the shine, the fullness and the bounce, so your hair needs to be healthy. Make sure you use a heat spray before curlers or straighteners, and use a paddle brush to lift hair at the roots and inject volume. If you use a curler, comb them afterwards, to give them a more carefree and retro look then ringlets.

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