7 Hairstyles That Will Turn Heads ...


7 Hairstyles That Will Turn Heads ...
7 Hairstyles That Will Turn Heads ...

Here are 7 hairstyles that will turn heads; I do not mean the type of hairstyles that only someone like Lady Gaga can pull off. There are many classic and elegant styles out these, some of which take a bit of time to complete whilst others are quick plus simple but by no means look it.

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The Good Old Bob

The Good Old Bob Photo Credit: Betwixt N' Between

This hairstyle just keeps coming back into fashion and is one that if styled well can look really sophisticated, sexy and elegant. There are so many different variations of the bob that you can try a new style out on an almost regular basis.


Long Flowing, Thick Hair

Long Flowing, Thick Hair Photo Credit: martin.hairlover

This hairstyle will never go out of fashion, long flowing thick hair will always grab men’s attention and women’s too. In my opinion, the good news is that if you do not naturally have this type of hair there are products and hair extensions out there that can help create this look.


Natural Looking Ringlets

Natural Looking Ringlets Photo Credit: gizzmo2z

Whether you have long hair or just above the shoulder-length hair, natural looking ringlets will look good on you. Some people are lucky enough to have their hair naturally like this but others need to create the look by using rollers. My daughters hair is naturally curly and I love it! It is quite an easy hairstyle and it looks good, whilst looking natural.


Sophisticated Beehive

Sophisticated Beehive Photo Credit: Glenda GlitaGrrl

Now you probably do not want an extreme beehive like that sported by Amy Winehouse. However, Jennifer Lopez has been captured sporting a very sophisticated and elegant looking beehive, which is definitely worth copying. In my opinion it will turn heads and create a classic, elegant look for work or an evening out.


French Twist

French Twist Photo Credit: animoller

Another French originated hairstyle has found its way onto the list. The French twist is such a sophisticated look great for wearing to work and at the same time a night out to a gourmet restaurant or a nightclub. You may have to practice a few times before perfecting this hairstyle but it is well worth the wait.


French Plait

French Plait Photo Credit: French Braider

I used to always think that French plaits are extremely difficult to master, and in the beginning they probably are but after several practices it becomes easier. Generally this style involves splitting your hair into reasonably even sections of six and plaiting these. If you have the patience to stick with mastering this hairstyle then people will be impressed and they will notice.



Fishtail Photo Credit: haeshu

In my opinion this hairstyle is one of the easiest to achieve and it looks fantastic so it will definitely turn a few heads. A fishtail is probably more suited to those with quite long and slightly thicker hair but it should work on a medium length too. It involves pulling your hair over one side, e.g. the left, and plaiting it in a way slightly different to normal.

There you have 7 hairstyles that will turn heads and grab you a lot of attention. The majority are quite easy to achieve, even if it does require a bit of practice in the beginning to perfect. Also you will find that normally going to the hairdressers for any of these styles will be fairly inexpensive.

Top Photo Credit: Terra Kate

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