7 Sexy Hairstyles for All Year ...


7 Sexy Hairstyles for All Year ...
7 Sexy Hairstyles for All Year ...

It gets old doing the same thing with your hair after a while. As women we want a fresh, hot, gorgeous look every time we leave the house! These 7 sexy hairstyles will have you stylin' high in 15-20 minutes tops! Whether you are headed to a gala or a party for two, everything you need is right here. So go ahead, grab some hairspray and bobby pins and get started!

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The Polished Ponytail

Hair, Hairstyle, Long hair, Blond, Ponytail, Who says a ponytail is for the gym only? Here's how to sexy it up! Spray almost-dry hair with a volumizer, and then lift sections up and away from your scalp as you blow-dry. Tease the top section lightly with a fine-tooth comb and then push it into a small pouf and secure with bobby pin. Pull the sides and back tightly into a ponytail and secure with an elastic band. Grab a small section of hair from under the pony and wrap it around the elastic to hide it from view. Secure with a small bobby pin. Use your comb to tease the ends of the ponytail and fluff it up a bit. Lightly spray your 'do with hairspray and your ready to go!



Hair, Headpiece, Clothing, Hair accessory, Hairstyle, 6 Beautiful Floral Headbands for Spring and Summer ... @Diana are a quick, fun and beautiful way to dress up your look! My favorite varieties are the unexpected ones such as silver or gold, or bright and fun holiday colors like bright red or dark green. A couple of fun twists: If you have a wide headband, consider pinning a large brooch or holiday-inspired pin to one side. It gives you a festive pop of christmas in your hair! If you don't favor wide headbands, try wearing two thin one. Push them apart at the top and you can go with either two matching headbands or two contrasting ones. Fun fun!


Side-swept Braid

Hair, Hairstyle, Skin, Shoulder, Beauty, Nothing says romance quite like a soft braid. Any way you wear it will be stunning, but this side-swept variation is unexpected and fresh! Start by applying some volumizing mousse to your damp tresses and gently lift your roots with a round brush as you blow dry. Once your hair is completely dry, wind your strands around a curling iron for soft waves. Next, gather all your hair to one side and create a loose braid starting at the nape of your neck. Secure with an elastic and use your fingers to loosen the braid a bit more if necessary. You can pull a few strands loose over your opposite ear and curl them if desired. Now you're ready for that night out with your baby!


Smooth and Sleek

Hair, Face, Forehead, Eyebrow, Skin, For a chic, sophisticated hair style that says you are too cool to be messed with, go straight and sleek! After shampooing, smooth on a deep conditioner and allow it to sink in for 5 minutes before rinsing. When you're ready to blow dry, flip your head up-side down for maximum volume. After hair is dry, smooth a dime-sized amount of smoothing balm over your hair from root to tip. Glide a flat- iron over two-inch section at a time and repeat until all your hair looks silky and smooth. Go with a middle part for simplicity or a deep side part for drama!


Sensual Curls

Hair, Hairstyle, Long hair, Hair coloring, Brown hair, Get party-ready with a head full of bouncy, sensual ringlets! Hydrated strands hold curl longer, so make sure your tresses are well-moisturized before you start. When your hair is dry, curl two-inch sections with a curling iron. Grip the wand vertically and wind your hair around it from the top down starting about 3 inches from the scalp. Hold for about 10-15 seconds and release. When all of your hair is curled, shake it a couple of times and use your fingers to loosen the curls. Lock into place with a glossy hairspray and then go have a blast!


Beautiful Bun

Hair, Clothing, Shoulder, Hairstyle, Back, For a black tie affair, most women want a fancy- up-do. The good news is, you can do your own! Here's how to create a lovely bun that looks as if you spent hours styling it! You need to have slightly curly or wavy hair to make this style look right so if you don't have naturally curly hair, go ahead and set it in hot rollers or use a curling iron on it. When you have a lovely head of curls, gather all your hair into a very low ponytail at the base of your neck in the back. The last time you pull it through the elastic, don't bring it all the way through. Leave the ends caught up in the elastic and arrange them all around the bun. The curls will make it look very pretty and intricate, no one need know it's just a messy bun! i do this with my hair all the time! You can add some pretty hair clips around the edges for some sparkle and pull out a few tendrils around your face to curl. And viola! There you go!


Wonder Waves

Hair, Hairstyle, Long hair, Black hair, Beauty, Many times, women with short hair get over-looked when it comes to all the glitzy holiday glam and hair-do's. Make sure you don't get left out! Here's how to pump up the glam factor on your crop or bob. Work a palm sized dollop of gel into wet hair. Next, make a deep side part. Then, use your fingers and a wide-tooth comb to create waves in your hair. Allow to air-dry. Don't brush it or touch it once you've finished making the waves. Spray with a strong hairspray and then get ready to shine!

Having holiday ready hair doesn't happen overnight! It does take a little effort on your part. Be sure and condition your hair often so it doesn't dry out in the harsh winter air. Treat your tresses right and they will return the favor! Get ready for lots of compliments!

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