8 Quick Easy Hair Styles for College ...


8 Quick  Easy Hair Styles for College ...
8 Quick  Easy Hair Styles for College ...

So...you had a burning-the-midnight-oil session last night and now you have just a few minutes before you get to look your best in class. Going in with bad hair is just not an option for someone as chic to you but you simply do not have the time to sit in front of the mirror and style your tresses. In trying times like this, you may want to pay attention to these quick hair styling tips that will keep you looking lovely even when you are seriously pressed for time.

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The Messy Bun

The Messy Bun Photo Credit: perkyNbLue

A messy bun takes all of two minutes to put together. All you have to do is pile all your hair on top and wrap an elastic band around it a couple of times. Choose a few bobby pins that match the color of your hair and use them to shape your bun. If you want to make the bun a little messier, pull out a few ends and set the style in place with hairspray.


The Chopsticks Hairstyle

The Chopsticks Hairstyle Photo Credit: So this is life...

Although this looks like a difficult hair do to pull off, it’s pretty easy and there are several tutorials to take you through it on Youtube. And in case you are wondering, you don’t really need to use actual chopsticks for this style. You can make do with special hair pins or even a couple of pencils.


The Sideways French Braid

The Sideways French Braid Photo Credit: tina newyin

As you can guess, you need to be good at French braiding for this hair style to work. But, the good news is, it’s a skill that is relatively easy to master. For this hairstyle you begin by parting your hair to the side and braid it across the hairline, using a clear band to secure it. The rest of the hair is meant to be left messy, giving you a very boho chic look.


The Messy up-do

The Messy up-do Photo Credit: updoprincess.com

This is a variation of the messy bun style we looked at earlier. After showering, spray an anti-frizz onto your hair to scrunch it up. You can also use a mousse product that gives you the same effect. Twist your hair into a French twist and stick a few ornate looking hair pins or clip. Allow a few strands of hair to fall on your face.


A Headband is All You Need

A Headband is All You Need Photo Credit: .Pris!

For a really quick hairstyle, brush your hair until it is relatively smooth and slip on a wide headband to cover any messy strands in the front. Patent leather headbands are the in-thing these days and look really trendy.


Style It up with Hair Accessories

Style It up with Hair Accessories Photo Credit: wedding channel

If you are really not in the mood to style and set your hair, fall back on trendy looking hair accessories. In addition to headbands, you could use soft scarves, clips, and hairpins. There are a host of other hair accessories you are sure to find in any supermarket. Have fun experimenting with them.


Make a Chic Ponytail

Make a Chic Ponytail Photo Credit: haironthebrain.com

For this hair style, you begin by teasing the hair at the crown. Then, you pull all of it back into a low pony tail, leaving about half an inch strand out. Secure the pony tail with clear elastic. Finish off by wrapping the extra strand of hair around the clear elastic and secure it with a bobby pin.


Quick Fix for Greasy Hair

Quick Fix for Greasy Hair Photo Credit: static.cdn.beautylish.com

Is your hair looking oily and greasy? We’ll fix that with this simple trick. If you have dark hair, use a matte bronzer and if you have light hair regular baby powder will do. Apply it to your roots with a fluffy make up brush. This helps absorb grease from the hair and keeps it looking fresh.

There you go...8 great and simple, not to mention quick hairstyles for the student on the go! Have fun and look your best today. Which one among these are you going to pick today?
Top image source: data.whicdn.com

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Wow! great tips and ideas!

Did the chopsticks for a play in musical theater, it is really easy even without tutorials

I always apply chopsticks hairstyle. Easy, simple, but still flattering =)

what to we do to get rid of greasiness if we have red hair?

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