10 Hair Quickies ...


10 Hair Quickies ...
10 Hair Quickies ...

For those mornings when you have 10 minutes to pull it all together, those nights when you only have 15 to get it party ready, and those just plain lazy weekends, these 10 hair quickies have got you covered! You don't need much time or patience to whip your hair into expert shape and that's just what I'm going to help you do. So if you would like to know 10 hair quickies that will be perfect for any occasion, keep reading and you'll be all set!

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Messy Side Braid

Not that anyone should try to bring back Little House on the Prairie, but if you just do one braid, it can look pretty swifty! A side braid is romantic and sweet, and if you want to add some edge to it, you can pull out a few strands on the side to frame your face with. If you want to make it a bit more girly, just add some sparkly bobby pins and you're all set to go! I like this style because it's quick and easy yet very demure and pretty.


Big Flower

I think we all know the power of the big flower! On a day when you just don't know WHAT to do with that hair of yours, grab one side and pull it back with a huge flower. Or stick it on the top of a ponytail. Or pull it all back into a really low bun and put the flower on the side. Just whatever you do, use the flower! It will add the pizazz and spice up your day.


Sleeked Back Pony

A sleeked back pony is sophisticated, chic and such a huge statement. Now, this isn't your average gym pony we're talking about here. Nope, this hair quickie is going to get you that promotion today! Use some pomade or hair smoother to help get an extra sleek look and anchor it right at your crown. A few sprays, and there you go! Get that promotion girl!


Poufy Pony

While a sleek pony is a great hair quickie, let's not forget about the poufy pony! A poufy pony adds drama and oomph without being overstated. It's super easy to do too! All you need is a fine toothed comb, some hairspray and a sturdy arm! Tease the top of your hair until you have it how you want it, then smooth it loosely back into a high pony. Use the spray to keep it in place all day.



Headbands are awesome hair quickies for those days you need it back and out of your face yet still want to look cute. I have a whole collection of them myself. Get some variety, thin ones, wide ones, hard or soft ones, and textured ones such as sequins, leather or suede. Just don't go too bright or crazy in the color department, the goal is sophistication, not 5th grade!



No, barrettes are not for the kindergarden class. You can wear them too! I love flowery barrettes that have some sparkle and polish to them, or simple ones for a casual day. You can do so many thing with barrettes! Pull back the top half of your hair, or the side. Or use them to add some bang to a bun or a ponytail. However you do it, you will look fab!



My recent obsession is scarves! I love to wear them any way I can, but I especially love them in my hair! You can use thin scarves or wide ones. Look up videos online to show you how to fold the wide ones. If you have trouble keeping yours in place, simply anchor it with bobby pins underneath. No one will ever know!



Many women think ribbon is too little girly for them, and maybe it is. But not for you, right? Grab some ribbon in different colors and experiment to find a line in between cutesy and sweet. You can wear a ribbon around your hair tie, or braid it into your hair. A big trend these days is to just fasten it on the side and let it flow down with your hair! Whatever works for you!


Deep Side Part

A deep side part is a super chic hair quickie. I've done this one many times myself! One really cute option with this style is to pin back the side you did the part on with a cute pin. It adds unexpected pop and snazz! Try it a few times, you may find that you like it!


Scrunch It

Do you have really short hair? I hate that many hair quickie articles always forget that some women have hair thats too short to pull back into any type of style! If that's YOUR case, here's what you can do! Learn to scrunch your hair! You can scrunch hair wet or dry and it only takes a few seconds. It's a very cute look, and you can even wear it to the office if you dress accordingly ( read: no sweats or beach bum clothing).

I totally understand those times when it seems like you have absolutely zilch creativity for your hairstyle. And you certainly never have time to spare! My list of 10 hair quickies will make sure you always have something fresh to model, and look like you had hours to pull it together! Which of my ideas do you like best?

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Can't braid my hair:( too short and thick. Especially side braiding:(

This article reminds me of my soft hair. Unfortunately, I have been cruel to cut them off. Now that I think, a little regret.

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