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Go team, Go! I love football season. Cheering for my team to win, hanging out at the concession stand, and enjoying all my friends company make the football field the place to be. The best part is wearing my favorite outfits and finding the perfect hairstyle that the cheerleaders haven’t already stolen! What’s your favorite hairstyle? Here’s mine, and even if you are a cheerleader, you might like them, too!

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Long and Flowing

Long and Flowing Photo Credit: Ari Koponen

Nothing says pretty like hair flowing down your back, free of bands and bows. Even if your hair is shorter, you can wear this style. How? Blow dry your hair, and simply leave your hair down: no accessories.


Cut Your Bangs Back in

Cut Your Bangs Back in Photo Credit: Vorpal Images

Long, or no bangs, has been the trend for several years. But here lately, I have spotted trendsetters sporting the bangs again. When my mom was a teenager (so long ago!) she wore bangs. Should I try them?


Sculpteded Hair

Sculpteded Hair Photo Credit: manganite

If your hair is short enough, and has layers, why not try some sculpting gel? Don’t use too much or your hair will turn out greasy looking. Place a small dab in the palm of your hand, rub together, and apply to your hair, sculpting as you go.


Wear a Hat

Wear a Hat Photo Credit: Nigel1985

When the weather turns cooler, a hat looks great at the game. Be a good sport and wear your school colors. Go ahead and be a team player. The coach will recognize your school spirit. Who knows, maybe he will pass you in gym class!



Ponytail Photo Credit: i_zhorov

I love this hairstyle and wear my hair this way a lot. If you plan on doing a lot of cheering, the ponytail works out great. You can shake your head all you want, and when you leave the game, your hair will still look as nice as it did when you the game first started.


Half Ponytail

Half Ponytail Photo Credit: i_zhorov

Maybe you are not a fan of the “ponytail.” What about pulling some of your hair back into a tail, leaving a few side bangs, and the rest at the back free? This is the perfect schoolgirl hairstyle. Every bit girly and partly preppy, I wouldn’t wear this every day, but I love it at the game.



Hairbows Photo Credit: photo1nc

The only time I would consider a hair bow in my hair would be at the football game. But definitely a style I consider acceptable for a cheerleader. Hey, are you ready to show of some cute hair? Don’t miss the next game!

What about you? What are your favorite hairstyles for football season? Would you wear pigtails? Braids? Bows? What about hair dye? Would go as far as to dye your hair your school colors?

Top Photo Credit: MattyV53

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