7 Different Styles of Bangs ...

I love bangs. They make me look about 16 years old again (which might be part of the reason I love them!), but I think they suit my face. Of course, some months after getting them, I always get tired of waiting for them to grow out, but whatever. Whether you're still old-school and call them bangs or whether you refer to them as fringe, they are back and hotter than ever, so check out 7 different styles of bangs and see what might work for you!

1. Side Swept Bangs

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Image source: farm2.static.flickr.com

This is probably the most popular style for bangs, or fringe, right now. They are very versatile, because they can be long or short. Simply put, you part these just a little, and sweep the heavier bit off to the side. These bangs create a very soft look that goes great with lots of different cuts.

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