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12 Sexiest Celebrity Bangs ...

By Jennifer

Every time I visit my stylist, Eric, I beg him to give me a style with bangs, but he refuses, telling me tactfully that my forehead is too small for a fringe. I trust his judgment, so rather than argue with him and get a style that looks weird, I’ll just flip through a magazine and admire my favorite celebrities and their sexy bangs instead! Here are some of my recent favorite celebrity hairstyles with wispy, blunt, and sexy bangs!

1 Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez Photo Source:
I love this bob, and the bangs add just the right touch. Is anyone cuter than Selena Gomez? Problably not, especially with these side-swept, glossy bangs!

2 Camilla Belle

Camilla Belle Photo Source:
I know I couldn’t wear bangs like Camilla’s… they’d get tangled in my eyelashes… but they look gorgeous on her, with her big eyes and long, sleek, shining hair!

3 Ali Larter

Ali Larter Photo Source:
Sun-kissed sexy Cali girl Ali Larter has the ideal bangs for riding in a convertible… shorter in front, longer on the sides, long enough to be swept back altogether. She has the bangs I want!

4 Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes Photo Source:
A very adult, sexy bob for young Katie Homes, but maybe she’s trying to appear older. She is a mother after all! I love how she wears her bangs with this bob, blunt but not severe.

5 Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum Photo Source:
Long, face-framing bangs, that can be worn off to one side, split down the middle, pinned straight back, or bumped under around her gorgeous eyes. Is there anything Heidi Klum’s bangs can’t do?

6 Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz Photo Source:
Wispy, tousled, perfect for another Cali girl. It looks like Cameron just woke up, combed her hair out with her fingers, and ran out the door… but she looks gorgeous!

7 Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel Photo Source:
Side-swept chic! I didn’t know Jessica Biel could look this lady-like and elegant! Perfect face-framing fringe for this lovely miss.

8 Zooey Deschanel

Zooey Deschanel Photo Source:
Long, lush, thick bangs. These bangs make Zooey’s big blue eyes pop! She can sweep them off to one side or slip them back with a glittery barrette!

9 Milla Jovovich

Milla Jovovich Photo Source:
She’s so gorgeous she could shave half of her hair and she’d still look glamorous! I love these shiny, somewhat messy bangs.

10 Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway Photo Source:
Remember Anne Hathaway as Andrea in “The Devil Wears Prada”? When she cut her messy, fizzy hair into these sleek, chic bangs EVERYTHING changed!

11 Ashlee Simpson-Wentz

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz Photo Source:
Long enough to pin back, short enough to brush aside and frame her pretty face! They’re wispy and pretty, aren’t they?

12 Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler Photo Source:
Liv’s bangs are short and sassy, barely brushing her eyebrows! She can wear them swept off to one side, or straight down… I love them!

Next time I see my stylist, I think I’ll ask his opinion on whether or not I can do a side-swept sexy fringe like Ali Larter or Cameron Diaz…I used to be a Cali girl! I think I can pull it off! Do you wear bangs, and if so, which style? Which celebrity has the bangs you covet? Please let me know… thanks!

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