7 Women Celebrities with the Best Hair ...


7 Women Celebrities with the Best Hair ...
7 Women Celebrities with the Best Hair ...

I've often wondered about the women celebrities with the best hair, especially when I'm looking for a new hairstyle or color myself. With tons of stylists and the ability to really pamper their tresses, a lot of celebs have luscious, lovely, flowing locks that can make the rest of us mere mortals envious. However, a few stand above even the best, with the kind of hair that often makes it onto “hottest” and “best” lists. Who are the lucky few? Continue reading about the women celebrities with the best hair to find out!

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Rihanna Rihanna makes the list of women celebrities with the best hair because she gets risky and frisky with it. Whether you love or hate some of her more eccentric hairstyles, you have to admit that she's willing to go the distance. She's not afraid to rock a radiant red color or to crop her hair short, and I really admire her for that.


Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba No matter what she does with her hair, Jessica's locks always look luscious. She's such a pretty girl anyway, and her hair really is her crowning jewel. I especially love it when it's honey toned, on the darker side of blond. I just think that looks so gorgeous with her caramel complexion, don't you?


Demi Moore

Demi Moore I've been envious of Demi Moore's hair for years, so she definitely deserves a place on my list of women celebrities with the best hair. Her hair looks good whether it's short ala Ghost or completely cropped, ala G.I. Jane. However, I love it best as it is right now: long, shining, and parted in the middle, so she looks like a Native American princess.


Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson Can you believe the hair on this girl? She always looks so glamorous, and her tresses are always perfect. I've seen people say she's like a modern-day Marilyn, and I can get behind that. When it comes to her hair, though, she's iconic like Farah Fawcett back in the day.


Milla Jovovich

Milla Jovovich Whether she's got orange and yellow hair, like she had in The Fifth Element, or if she's going a little ultraviolet, Milla's hair is always amazing. I especially love it when she goes old school and glamorous, with thick, well placed curls that make her look like she stepped right out of a '50s flick. And that face doesn't hurt, either!


Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones No list of women celebrities with the best hair would be complete without mentioning Cat. That woman has the lushest, shiniest hair I've ever seen! Just looking at it, you know it's thick and heavy, like a waterfall of silk. She always knows how to wear it to perfectly define her gorgeous face, too.


Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga What? Love her or hate her, the Lady takes risk! And yeah, okay, usually she's not dealing with her own hair, but hey. If you don't naturally have the best hair, sometimes you have to get it elsewhere, you know? But personally, I wish she'd lay off the turquoise.

This is just my opinion of women celebrities with the best hair, and I have admittedly eclectic tastes. Still, you have to admit that there is some really gorgeous hair on this list. If you could have any celebrity's hair, whose would it be and why?

Top Photo Credit: Scarlett I. Johansson

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