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10 Photos of Celebrities at the Airport ...

By Sheila

An airport is amongst the many paparazzi favorites. Sometimes, I think they live at the airport, waiting like hawks, hoping for celebrities to show up. Imagine the added pressure on celebrities to look good even while traveling. Sometimes they live up to the pressure and sometimes they don't. Here are a few recent paparazzi shots of celebrity hotness at airports all over. Enjoy!

1 Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum and his divine jaw line were seen at LAX looking oh-so-gorgeous. Oh and his wife Jenna Dewan was there too. *pretends not to care*
Channing TatumSee all photos

2 Sam Worthington

Here's Sam Worthington seen at LAX(Los Angeles International Airport), wearing an AC/DC tee looking like an adorable puppy!
Sam WorthingtonSee all photos

3 Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr arrived at LAX with an adorable furry friend in a purse. Btw, this little guy totally kicks Orlando's derriere in the cuteness department, don't you think?
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4 Jennifer Garner

I had no idea Jennifer looked so gorgeous with no makeup on! Here she is arriving at LAX looking like a fresh, dewy flower. I know, I can be a poet when I want ;)
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5 Gisele Bundchen

Yummy mommy, Gisele makes her way through LAX with little baby Benjamin. I think her possessiveness is très adorable!
Gisele BundchenSee all photos

6 Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad looked well bundled up but a wee bit too tired to pose as she arrived at LAX. The long gray scarf sure looks comfy!
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7 Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr

Orlando, Miranda and her purse puppy were seen departing LAX. I'm not a fan of Orlando but the three do look like a cute, happy family!
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8 Katy Perry and Russell Brand

These two are one of my favorite celebrity couples right now simply because they seem perfect for each other in their quirkiness. Here they are looking so in love at LAX.
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9 Victoria Beckham

With Victoria Beckham, there's always something to look forward to and only Victoria can add that air of sophistication to boho chic! Here she is, looking absolutely stunning at LAX!
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10 Selena Gomez

You know the whole good angel, bad devil bit right? Well, Miley to me represents the bad angel of Disney while sweet Selena is the good one. Here she is, luscious locks, infectious smile et all at LAX.
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So now I know where to head to, the next time I want to indulge in a little game of celebrity spotting - Los Angeles International Airport of course! Don't forget to tell me which of these candid shots you like best and the next time you travel, look around. You never know when you might spot a celebrity!

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