10 Hot Style Tips ...


10 Hot Style Tips ...
10 Hot Style Tips ...

Even if you don't have a personal stylist like celebrities do, you can still dress like a million bucks! Surprised? These hot style tips will give you just what you need to wow them all and surprise even yourself! Hot style is just as much about attitude as it is what you wear. Hot style is more about how you wear it than where you bought it. And you don't have to be rich to have hot style. In fact, shopping at thrift stores and yard sales can often yield you one-of-a-kind, unique pieces that have style and appeal. Still not convinced? Try to think of it as style rather than fashion. Style is more personal and less intimidating than fashion. There is way less pressure! Are you ready? Lets learn 10 hot style tips!

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"Pop" of Color

A good hot style tip is to never go overboard. It's a good idea to wear mostly versatile, neutral colors like black, brown, tan, nude, white, cream, deep purple, navy or crimson. Then you can add a "pop of color" with your accessories! Just don't do it with EVERY accessory. You don't need a red scarf, red heels, a red bag, red earrings and red nails with your black dress. Just choose a few items to "pop" and that's hot style girl!


Dark Denim

I usually see girls wearing light denim jeans and shorts and I wonder, why don't they try dark denim sometimes? Dark denim is very sophisticated, it still looks casual without being sloppy, but it can also look very dressy if you wear a nice top instead of a t-shirt. Dark denim is also slimming, so if you have bigger legs or hips, try dark denim jeans. If you have a bigger waist or bust, wear a dark denim jacket and see how it makes you feel!


Color Scheme

If you want to wear two colors together that contrast or don't really "go" together such as black and brown or blue and black, here's what you do: wear something that ties the two colors together! A patterned scarf or tank top, even patterned shoes or jewelry with two colors in it will pull every thing together nicely. Another hot style tip? Remember that most outfits should have two base colors and one accenting color. I love to use neutrals for the base color and contrasting or bright colors for the accents!



It's important to keep a balance between your body type and the print that you choose. Tall or large bodies can handle bold, beautiful prints whereas petite and shorter bodies don't look as well balanced out in large prints. If you are petite and want to wear a bold print, do so in small quantities. Maybe a mini skirt or a scarf would look great, but a maxi dress or a coat in a bright pattern would not really work. For hot style remember that the style of clothing is just as important as the colors and patterns. For tall people, horizontal stripes and loose flowy dresses work well. For petite people, vertical stripes and fitted pencil skirts and dresses look nice. For large people, belted tops and bold patterns look great.



One hot style tip you can utilize is to accentuate your best features with the colors and cut of a garment. Bright colors draw attention to an area while dark colors play it down and make it look slimmer. V-neck tops make your neck look long and thin. Lighter faded jeans tend to make your legs look larger while darker denim make them look thinner. Any top or dress with a belt will nip in your waist and any shirt with a design on it will draw attention to your chest and upper body. So just play up features you love and play down the ones you don't.



One piece of statement jewelry can instantly transform an outfit. Make sure you own long necklaces, and a few shorter chunky ones for higher necklines. Cuff bracelets and funky watches always add personality to an outfit. Long dangly earring really frame your face and add character. Don't forget the power of hats, scarves, bags and pins to accessorize with. That's hot style!


Take Stock

Take some time to look through your closet. Do you really need to keep those clothes that no longer fit or are now out of style? No! Get them out and clear away that clutter! The best hot style tip I can give you is to build a wardrobe of mostly classic, versatile, timeless pieces with only a few trendy, right-now garments. Trends come and go but classic garments can be worn for years. Create a closet that is full of must-have pieces rather than make-do ones. That is my motto and it can be yours too!


Make Hot Style a Habit

Don't dress up and wear your nice clothes only when you need to go somewhere. Make it a habit to dress nicely even when you are around the house. I will be the first to admit I'm guilty of slumming around in my sweats all day, and we all deserve those days sometimes. But if you make hot style a habit, you won't be clueless when you stand in front of your closet come Monday and you have no idea what to wear. It will come naturally to you.


Shoes and Bags

I absolutely love shoes! They are my favorite thing to shop for and wear. You should have a go-to pair of shoes that can work for any occasion and any style you feel like strutting that day. A great pair of shoes can make you feel sexy all day long! And don't forget about bags! It's a good idea to have a few good bags that you feel comfortable carrying around. They should be a versatile color and it's not a bad idea to invest a little more money in a good bag since it gets so much use throughout the day


Hair and Makeup

One of my favorite hot style tips is remembering that hair and makeup are just as much a part of hot style as the clothes you wear. A recent poll said that the first thing most people notice is your hair! So I don't know about you, but I want to make sure my hair makes a good impression! Get a nice haircut, and don't forget makeup! You don't need a ton of it; a little goes along way. If you don't know how to apply makeup, you can see if a friend or family member can show you how.

Now that you know these 10 hot style tips you will be the star of the party! And you can also shop smarter. Don't buy something just because it's trendy. Remember to look for classic pieces to build your hot style and go from there. Do you have any hot style tips to share with us?

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