7 Best Curling Irons ...


7 Best Curling Irons ...
7 Best Curling Irons ...

Curling irons can be one of your best friends when it comes to hair styling! They can be used to create waves, ringlets or just lots of volume and body in your hair. Invest in a good curling iron and your bad hair days won't be so bad anymore! You'll love all the beautiful creations you can arrange using your curling iron. Here's 7 of my top picks to help get you started!

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Revlon Amber Waves

Revlon Amber Waves Price: $15.19 at amazon.com
This curling iron creates small, bouncy curls with its 1/2 inch barrel, great for the girly type! I love all of Revlon's hair products and would reccommend this curling iron to anyone.


Conair Infiniti Tourmaline

Conair Infiniti Tourmaline Price: $24.99 at amazon.com
Available in 4 different barrel sizes, this professional curling iron will give you the classy waves you long for! Ceramic barrel will keep curls looking smooth all day long. I love the different heat settings, too!


Ceramic Spiral Iron

Ceramic Spiral Iron Price: $13.50 at amazon.com
Another great product by Revlon, this curling iron creates picture-perfect spiral ringlets! I've used this model myself and the curls stay in all day, even without hairspray. The secret of course is the unique barrel, with the spiral device built in.


Three-Barrel Waver

Three-Barrel Waver Price: $25.46 at amazon.com
I love this curling iron so much that I bought one myself! It creates cute, beachy waves. Vidal Sasson is my favorite brand for 3 barrel wavers. It's a little cumbersome to use at first, but you'll love the loose, natural waves it will give you!


Conair Mini-Pro

Price: $14.77 at amazon.com
This is another product that I own myself. I love the convenient heat-proof bag it comes with. It's so easy to travel with, making it great for touch ups through-out the day. Perfect purse size!


Supertools Multi-Heat Control

Supertools Multi-Heat Control Price: $18.95 at amazon.com
The 2'' barrel on this baby is perfect for a head full of fat, sexy, voluminous curls! Multiple heat settings can be changed to work best with your hair type. The way this curling iron rotates also makes it easy to keep the cord from getting tangled up... yay!


Sunbeam Styling Iron

Sunbeam Styling Iron Price: $9.45 at amazon.com
I have always loved all of the Sunbeam products I've tried and this curling iron was no exception! Tangle-proof swivel cord and safety stand are two of the great features on this curling iron that you will love as much as I do.

I hope that you can find a great curling iron you love that works wonders for you! These are all exceptional curling irons, so you can't go wrong with one of these! Which one is your favorite? And what kind of curls do you get from it? Please let me know!

Top Photo Credit: Pink Sherbet Photography

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for me #3 did not work at all. it is very hard to use actually and didnt give the results that i wanted. but anyways its not just the curling iron that will give you the amazing curls but you also need to figure out the best way to curl your hair depending on your hair type. because i bought a $7 one at walmart and it works amazing! i have found that the best way is to open the clamp, start near the root but not too far, wrap hair around the barrel, and then simply let the clamp close. hold for a few seconds depending on hair type and there ya go beautiful curls!!

nice look hmmmmmmm

This is a really nice review! I had the opportunity to try many different curling iron brands and the one that best works for me is the Karmin Salon Pro Clipless Tourmaline Curling Iron

thanks for the tips i ve lost so much mony on having cheaaapp ones thanks alot i ve made my decisions xoxo

Thanks for the post I was looking for one as planned to buy one soon.

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