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By Katherine

What woman hasn't as a little girl dreamt of having Rapunzel's beautiful, flowing hair someday? I know I was one of them until I grew older and realized that reality is far from easy. Reality is full of dry hair, split ends and bad hair days and every time I think I'm this close to reaching my Rapunzel goal, I need to go for a trim again and that means I'm back to square one. How can it be this hard to grow long, healthy hair, you say?! Well, maybe it doesn't have to be with Mira Hair Oil.

1 What is Mira Hair Oil?

Let me say that coming from India myself, the practise of oiling your hair is pretty common and my grandmother swears that if I wasn't so lazy about it, I would have the hair I've always fantasized about. Of course it also comes down to what kind of oil you choose. Mira Hair oil contains only 100% natural and organic ingredients that range from fruits to herbs to 17 other components that the Brahmi women of South India have been using for over 5000 years! These are not just regular women, they were even nominated in the Guinness Book of World Records in 1998 for their magnificent hair. So if it's good enough for them, it will work wonders for you. The sweet flowery smell is an added bonus of course.

2 How Does Mira Hair Oil Work?

How Does Mira Hair Oil Work?Have you ever sat down and thought about all the rubbish we expose our hair to? From chemical based shampoos and conditioners to blow drying and other heat based activities to pollution and dirt, sometimes we just need to give our poor hair a break! When you apply Mira Hair Oil to your scalp, it slowly seeps in, detoxifies your blood, exfoliates the pores in your scalp and finally, stops DHT from being produced (DHT is the hormone that chokes your hair follicles and stops hair growth by the way.) All that very simply translates to super fast hair growth without any side effects that leaves your hair healthy and happy. Think of it as a little spa session for your hair!


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3 How do I Use Mira Hair Oil?

A good average is about twice a week but once will suffice too. Use about half a teaspoon to a teaspoon and massage it into your scalp for a good 5 minutes or so. Leave it on for 30-60 minutes and then wash off. If you can keep it overnight, nothing like it!

4 What Results Can I Expect?

In as little as two weeks, you will start to notice that your hair is longer, thicker, more manageable with more volume and healthier than you've ever seen it before. Eventually, you will also notice that it reduces hair fall and speeds up hair growth. There wont be as much frizz or breakage and the best part is, Mira Hair oil works just as well for any hair type whether it's dry, oily, wavy, fine, thick, curly, straight or chemically treated.

5 No More Bad Hair Days You Say?

No More Bad Hair Days You Say?Yes, that's right! Mira Hair oil removes toxic build up and dirt from your hair plus the low PH level allows the oil to neutralize any hard water you may use making sure your hair is always silky smooth and there's never a bad hair day again! Isn't that what every girl dreams of?

6 What if It Doesn't Work?

If you are in any way dissatisfied with Mira Hair oil you can return it after a 60 day trial period and they will immediately receive a refund cheque. It doesn't matter how full or empty your bottle is.

When you use something as amazing as Mira Hair oil, your hair will thank you in the form of great results and when you have great hair and you know it, it shows in your confidence and most of all in your smile! So try Mira Hair oil now and get ready for Rapunzel like hair. Go to their website at to find out how to get a $40 FREE herbal shampoo!

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