7 Hair Coloring Mistakes to Avoid ...


7 Hair Coloring Mistakes to Avoid ...
7 Hair Coloring Mistakes to Avoid ...

Coloring your hair can be loads of fun, whether you are dyeing it a completely new shade, adding highlights, or going for a funkier look with streaks of color. It is possible to make mistakes when taking on the task of hair coloring, no matter how many times you read the directions. If you are thinking about dyeing your lovely locks, then take a look at the following 7 hair coloring mistakes to avoid.

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Conditioning Hair before Adding Dye

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Washing your hair before dyeing it is fine, but using conditioner is a huge no-no. The conditioner will coat each strand of hair, therefore making it virtually impossible for the dye to adhere to the hair. Even if you think your hair is clean, wash it before dyeing it, but leave off the conditioner and don’t use any conditioning shampoo either.


Choosing a Color That Isn’t Flattering

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There are certain facial features that actually are enhanced by specific colors of hair. Most people look fine with their normal hair color. A few go for drastic changes with hair color and it doesn’t always pan out. Some people are fortunate enough that they can get away with dyeing their hair any color they choose, since anything looks great. Fancy salons sometimes have computers that can give you an idea as to how you will look with a certain hair color. These are actually handy machines for those in doubt of their dye decision.


Leaving the Dye on Too Long

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The instructions for tinting or dyeing hair give a specific time frame for when the chemicals should be removed from your hair. Don’t leave it on longer, hoping for a darker or more vibrant color. There is a time limit set for a reason. Be sure you don’t do the opposite and rush the color either. Not leaving it on long enough will result in a poor dye job.


Choosing a Dye Color Based on the Color of the Model’s Hair on the Box

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You can’t assume that the model on the front of the box of hair color actually had her hair dyed by the product inside the box. Also, her hair color before the dye was added probably wasn’t the same as yours, so your final tint is most likely not going to look like the model’s on the box.


Not Bleaching Dark Hair before Dyeing It a Bright Color

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People who are new to the world of hair dye don’t usually know that bleaching dark hair is required when adding highlights or bright streaks of color. Even people with blond hair benefit from bleaching before adding bright colors or highlighting. Stripping the hair of pigment will allow the new color to really stand out.


Bleaching Hair Too Often

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If you notice a person with bleached hair that looks fuzzy or frizzy, chances are the hair has been bleached too much. Over bleaching might give you that platinum blond look that some people like, but it can really damage your hair.


Applying Permanent Dye when You Meant to Use Temporary Color Instead

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This is where it’s very important to read the box of dye closely. Even if the color you’ve picked out was in a section of the shelf that held temporary hair dye, be sure the box you picked up is for the same. I’ve seen people carry around an item as they were looking through the store and find something they liked better than the item in their hand. They would then take the item they’d been carrying and put it on the shelf where the new item was located. Someone might hold on to a box of permanent hair color and then change their mind when the aisle of temporary color emerges.

I hope this list of 7 hair coloring mistakes to avoid helps you the next time you are thinking about coloring your hair. What obstacles have you run into when dyeing your own hair?

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Wow, thanks for these helpful tips. I like dyeing my hair.

Also, dont dye hair when you are pregnant because your hormones will make it do weird thigs like change the shade or color unevenly.

Also, dying very light hair black/dark brown or black/dark brown very light at once. It can turn out to a different color like green or orange.

Thanks for sharing these important tips.

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