7 Hair Coloring Mistakes to Avoid ...

Coloring your hair can be loads of fun, whether you are dyeing it a completely new shade, adding highlights, or going for a funkier look with streaks of color. It is possible to make mistakes when taking on the task of hair coloring, no matter how many times you read the directions. If you are thinking about dyeing your lovely locks, then take a look at the following 7 hair coloring mistakes to avoid.

7. Conditioning Hair before Adding Dye

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Photo Credit: SudsMuffinCanada

Washing your hair before dyeing it is fine, but using conditioner is a huge no-no. The conditioner will coat each strand of hair, therefore making it virtually impossible for the dye to adhere to the hair. Even if you think your hair is clean, wash it before dyeing it, but leave off the conditioner and don’t use any conditioning shampoo either.

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