7 Best Flat Irons ...


7 Best Flat Irons ...
7 Best Flat Irons ...

Are you one of those woman who stands in front of the selection of flat irons at the store and feels overwhelmed by all the choices? Well here's and end to those days - I've done all the work for you and found the very best flat irons! Here's my short, easy list of the 7 best flat irons.

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Wet/Dry Iron

Wet/Dry Iron Price: $27.54 at amazon.com
This straightener is perfect for those of you with little time to spare in the mornings. Simply run it through your wet hair and it will safely dry and straighten your hair, saving you the time of blow drying it. It's like two steps in one!


Farouk CHI

Farouk CHI Price: $89.17 at amazon.com
I have friends who swear that this is the absolute best straightener out there. It's definetely worth the price! If you feel like splurging, this is the one you'd want to splurge on!


Andis Ceramic

Andis Ceramic Price: $15.00 at amazon.com
My best friend has 2 of these straighteners and claims they are her favorite. It's a great straightener for traveling, since it's small and easy to pack. It lasts for quite a while too.


Conair Dual Voltage

Conair Dual Voltage Price: $18.74 at amazon.com
The wide plates on this flat iron will make straightening long hair a breeze! You'll be done in no time. I'd guarantee this is the perfect straightener for you if you have long hair with few or no layers.


Pro Tourmaline

Pro Tourmaline Price: $33.98 at amazon.com
This flat iron comes with a great heat proof bag! This makes traveling with your straightener or storing it super easy and protects the cord for a longer life. I love the vibrant purple color as well, it will definetely perk your spirits up each morning as you use it!


Helix Ionic Supertool

Helix Ionic Supertool Price: $69.95 at amazon.com
Ionic flat irons are the best for eliminating frizz and keeping your hair looking smooth all day long. The 1 inch plates on this flat iron will make it easy to straighten section in the front and are great for layered hair.



Heatmaster Price: $29.99 at amazon.com
This is probably my favorite straightener ever! I bought one last year in may and it is still working great! I don't have a bad thing to say about it. It has a long cord, and the plates reach high temperatures for smooth, straight hair.

I hope you can find a flat iron you love from my selection. It's important to have a good straightener, one that works well for you and doesn't damage your hair, especially if you use it daily. What about you? Do you have a favorite straightener? Which one of these is your top pick?

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i have a wet 2 straight and i love it! when i shower i blow dry my hair until its damp and then i can just straighten it the rest of the way dry. and to keep hair from damaging i simply spray a heat tamer spray in before you styling (there is a great one by dove and by tresemme). trust me for the price these things work great!

These are all really good straighteners, I use the Wet2dry straightener and its ahmazing. Its not terrible for your hair really, all I really use is a heat tamer spray and my hair is smooth and frizz free. Whenever my hair is wet or damp I use it and it has a little button screen for you too choose if your hair is wet dry or damp. On the instructions it shows you a grid. If you have thick normal or thin hair and whether its wet damp or dry. It does wonders for my hair.

Best I have ever used is the Karmin :)

The Conair Dual Voltage- not a good straightener. While the width is indeed nice, I felt that I could never get it safely hot! Either it wasn't hot enough and I would have to pass it over my (very thin) hair multiple times, or I'd bump it up a notch or two and it would seem like it was frying it! Not recommended, in my book. LOVE the Chis though.

I actually find it really funny how they are all like $33 but where i live every buys GHDs which are like $300. Im not even exaggerating.

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