7 Great Online Shops for Older Women ...

Have you ever seen a woman who was just dressed way too young for her age? I used to work with a woman in her fifties that always borrowed clothes from her teenage daughter, and she just looked so… ridiculous… I was embarrassed for her! Now that I’m a little more “mature,” I’ve stopped doing most of my clothes shopping at little-kid stores, and now I buy most of them from grown-up shops, where the clothes are more flattering to me, and their accessories not quite as flashy… Here are 7 great online shops for “older” women, like me.

1. Chico’s

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Website: chicos.com
Wishlist Item: Fabulous Fringe Cardigan at chicos.com
I love Chico’s clothes and accessories! They’re top-quality, last forever, and are stylish and on trend without looking too young. They have everything, from tops and sweaters to workout gear, handbags, and sleepwear. Their site also offers live help if you have questions about an item or about sizing.

2. Coldwater Creek

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Website: coldwatercreek.com
Wishlist Item: Crescent Sweater Vest at coldwatercreek.com
I’ve been wearing clothes from Coldwater Creek for decades, long before my daughter considered me “old” enough, but I can’t help myself — their clothes are gorgeous! I love the way they fit, too… I never have to worry about muffin top, or the other extreme, mom jeans!

3. Anthropologie

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Website: anthropologie.com
Wishlist Item: Dried Leaves Dress at anthropologie.com
Anthropologie isn’t just a shop for older women — anyone of any age can shop there. Their clothes are modest, stylish, trendy, and classic, all at once. My daughter and I both love their clothes and accessories, and we’re separated by 20 years, with very different personal styles (and body types).

4. Ruche

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Website: shopruche.com
Wishlist Item: Love My Petals Pink Ring at shopruche.com
Ruche has everything for women who want to look up-to-speed on all of the latest trends (like military, ruffles, and more), but without looking foolishly over-the-top… I love their selection of dresses and shoes especially, but my favorite is their jewelry!

5. Ann Taylor

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Website: anntaylor.com
Wishlist Item: Oyster Sateen Twist Neck Shirt at anntaylor.com
I know, I know! Ann Taylor is at the mall, so how on trend can they really be? I concede you point, but on the other hand, once in a while, they have something in their look book that’s irresistible, and this season, they seem to really have everything pulled together… give them a try! You might be surprised. Just look at this blouse!

6. Eddie Bauer

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Website: eddiebauer.com
Wishlist Item: Cotton/Cashmere Henley at eddiebauer.com
My mother, grandmother, and aunties love Edie Bauer. Their clothes are classic, and the fits are flattering. On top of that, the designers are smart, blending new trends into easy-to-wear pieces that co-ordinate so well together! I love their sweaters…

7. Boden

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Website: bodenusa.com
Wishlist Item: Velvet Peacoat at bodenusa.com
As I get older, I’ve noticed I’m more willing to wear colors, as opposed to my nearly all-black mid-twenties wardrobe. Boden has a catalog and website full of gorgeous, fun clothes in all sorts of cheery colors and unique prints, perfect for layering, especially for us old biddies.

Don’t be that woman dressed like a teenager! Flaunt your grace and style and shop at a store made just for us! Which of these stores do you like best, and which are still a little too “mature” for you? Or is there another store you can recommend to a fellow nearly-forty something? Please let me know!

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