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8 Cool Sofas ...

By Jennifer

A great sofa can make a room… so why settle for a boring beige microfiber couch, when you can have something so much more stylish and chic? Here are 7 cool sofas… any of these would perk up your living space perfectly!

1 Night and Day Convertible Sofa

Night and Day Convertible SofaPrice: $588.00 at
This gorgeous sofa isn’t just a place to sit — it can also be a place to sleep. Add it to a guest room or make it the functional but chic centerpiece of your living room. The color isn’t exactly neutral, but you can definitely put it in just about any room. Add a few colorful kilim throw pillows and you’re set!

2 Antoinette Fainting Sofa

Antoinette Fainting SofaPrice: $578.00 at
It’s called a fainting sofa, but you can use it for so many more lounge-type activities, like reading, watching a movie, snuggling, or napping. I love the vintage-inspired print, and the curvy shape. All that’s missing is a bright chenille throw blanket… and a good romance novel.


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3 Mid-Century Sofa

Mid-Century SofaPrice: $480.00 at
Back in the 1960’s, Danish daybeds were sleek and chic, and this update is just as cool. The contrast between the flecked grey fabric and the rich wood frame and legs is striking, and more than that, this couch turns into a twin bed.

4 Wormly Sofa

Wormly SofaPrice: $6,498.00 at
This sofa is so gorgeous, and it’s eco-friendly, too, made of natural fibers, so it’s non-allergenic and breathable. See the delicate embroidery on the seats, and the spindly, pretty legs? This would be so pretty in a room full of other nature-inspired pieces.

5 Cotswold Sofa

Cotswold SofaPrice: $4,400.00 at
I don’t typically like leather sofas, but I’ll make an exception for those that are particularly stylish and not too stuffy. This one’s gorgeous, with lush, soft leather in a rich chocolate color. I love the curvy legs, and the already broken-in look. All that’s missing is a faux fur throw!

6 Francine Sofa

Francine SofaPrice: $2,998.00 at
I’m not sure which flowers inspired this bright print, but I’m thinking of poppies. Does it matter, really? This sofa’s so graceful and sleek — add a black lacquer side table (shabby chic) and a pretty framed mirror, and your room is done.

7 Striped Kilim Sofa

Striped Kilim SofaPrice: $2,498.00 at
Exotic, pretty, and unique… this sofa is made of silk threads and cotton yarns, so each one is a work of art unlike any other. It’s all about the texture and color, and would be gorgeous in any richly appointed room.

8 Battersea Sofette

Battersea SofettePrice: $3,898.00 at
This leather sofa is made to show off its fan-shape and deeply tufted design… those buttons, that shape. I love it! The color is pretty too, just neutral enough to slip into any existing décor. Add a dark bookcase with your favorite hard covers, and a small pie-crust side table with a linen-shaded lamp.

With so many pretty, unique sofas to choose from, how will you decide which one to add to your living room? The butter-cream leather fan-shaped couch, or the lush, gorgeous kilim sofa? Or is there another sofa you’re pining for?

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