8 Fat Cats ...


8 Fat Cats ...
8 Fat Cats ...

I’ve nicknamed my cat Fat Cat, as she is bigger than many dogs! She’s not overweight though, so I’m being a bit cruel (not that she takes any notice of me anyway). Some cats are just big, so I’ve picked out some pictures of other adorable Fat Cats for you to enjoy.

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The Doppleganger

The Doppleganger Photo Credit: J-a-x

Skunk is the spitting image of my own big beauty! He sure is one contented cat. Don’t you just want to tickle that tummy? Soooo cuddly and strokable.


The Real Garfield

The Real Garfield Photo Credit: tripp...

Yup, if they ever want to do a completely live-action version of Garfield, this guy could take the starring role. What a gorgeous ginger fella. Note the typical Fat Cat pose of all legs sticking out.


It’s Been 20 Minutes since My Last Nap …

It’s Been 20 Minutes since My Last Nap … Photo Credit: AlicePilgrim

You can just imagine this cat saying ‘The highlight of my career was starring as a rug in a Bond film’! There might actually be a very skinny cat under all that long fur, for all we know … I love the way he just looks totally flaked out, as if he’s had a very hard day at work.


Guinness Book of Records?

Guinness Book of Records? Photo Credit: srkL

Is this the Fattest of Fat Cats? No, someone’s been playing with Photoshop I think! But imagine having this giant sitting on your lap – he’d squash you flat. You’d never be seen again.


Sometimes You Just Want to Let It All Hang out …

Sometimes You Just Want to Let It All Hang out … Photo Credit: danperry.com

Looks like this guy might need a little help with washing his lower regions … any volunteers? No, me neither … it is a cute pose though. All he needs is a beer in his paw and some snacks, and he’ll be happy.


Just Resting My Paws …

Just Resting My Paws … Photo Credit: Ray Tomes

… and then I’ll take another step. This photo looks as if lovely Ebony has simply run out of puff and flopped down. What a gorgeous girl.


Erm, I Think I’m Stuck …

Erm, I Think I’m Stuck … Photo Credit: mommato8

Cats do have a habit of shoe-horning themselves into small spaces, which is something that should definitely be avoided if you are a Fat Cat. This chap looks like he is going to need a helping hand – or paw – to extricate himself from this tight spot.


You Lookin’ at Me?

You Lookin’ at Me? Photo Credit: [FIRE eyes]

Now that’s a cross expression if ever I saw one. This cat looks like he could take anyone on … if he could be bothered to get up. If any dog tried giving him attitude – pah, one paw would take that pooch out.

Aren’t these guys just gorgeous! On a serious note, most cats automatically control their food intake, so they rarely become overweight unless they’re being fed the wrong food or they have a medical problem. If concerned, take your cat to the vet. Still, some cats are just big and beautiful!

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Best. List. Ever. My cat looks like #5 :)

My cat looks like #6, but skinny :D

My cat looks like number 7!

One of my cats is a little round too, which makes her even cuter. The other one, however, is quite skinny.

I don't have a cat, but if I did I hope he or she looks like #2,#3,#5 or #6. They all look so adorable and huggable. Gah the cuteness.. Great list by the way ;)

This post is hilariously ADORABLE! I just wanna eat these cuties up (I mean that in the nicest way :D)

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